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Are you taking the kids on their summer vacation in the car? Or perhaps you’re heading off on an epic road trip with your best friends?

Whomever you’re hitting the road with, we can all agree that long journeys in the car can get very boring and it’s easy to become restless and irritated.

That’s why you need to get creative and enjoy some road trip games! With a bit of fun and imagination, you can turn an arduous drive into one that’s exciting and memorable. With all that spare time stuck in the car together, it’s a great excuse to build some memories and become closer to one another, after all. [Read More...]

by Daniel | Last Updated July 15th, 2019

10 Road Trip Games

That Will Keep You

Amused The Whole Ride

10 Best US National Parks

in America That Are

Worth Visiting

by Daniel | Last Updated July 9th, 2019

The U.S. National Park System is made up of 418 national park sites, which are found over more than 84 million acres. While it would be great to explore all these miles of National Parks, that’s not always possible for most people.

If you want to visit some national parks, but don’t know which ones to visit, then you’re in luck. Here you can find the best US National Parks to visit. You can also use the top-rated travel apps to help you plan the perfect trip. [Read More...]

11 Different Ways to Make

Money While Traveling

by Daniel | Last Updated July 4th, 2019

The life of the digital nomad is one that’s growing in popularity among people across the globe.

As more and more people search for ways to see the world while making money, new, exciting opportunities seem to emerge.

Today, you can find an array of ways to make money while traveling from paid gigs to volunteering in exchange for room and board.

If you are ready to pack your suitcase and head out into the wild blue yonder, keep the following gigs in mind. These can help you pay your way from one exciting location to the next. [Read more...]

11 ways to make money while traveling

Flying Tips For Your
Best Trip Yet

by Daniel | Last Updated July 1st, 2019

Whether you're a plane virgin or a seasoned travel veteran, there are always ways to improve how your flight goes. From airline and TSA regulations to packing wisely, there's a lot to think about before every trip. You'll want the experience to be as smooth and stress-free as possible.


We've scoured the internet and racked our travel brains for the best flying tips. If you want to learn how to make your next trip your best one yet, keep reading for our best-kept airplane travel tips. [Read more...]

Flying Tips for Travel

Finding a Place to Stay

While Traveling:

Airbnb vs HomeAway

by Daniel | Last Updated June 28th, 2019

Tired of checking into dull hotel rooms? Frustrated by mounting resort fees? Looking for a more homely experience on your next trip?

When it comes to staying in hotels, sometimes it can seem a bit repetitive and mundane. There are always strict rules and checkout times, and a hotel stay never really feels too comfortable.

It may be time to take the plunge and look into making a vacation rental home or apartment the snooze-spot for your next getaway. The online vacation rental industry is growing, but there are two companies that reign – Airbnb Vs HomeAway.

While both offer their pros and cons, it’s difficult to know which to use. That’s where we come in – check out our guide to discover which vacation rental website works for you. [Read more...]

Travel Hacks for Packing

by Daniel | Last Updated June 21st, 2019

Travel Hacks for Packing to Make Your Journey Stress-Free

Vacations are supposed to be the moment where you can release all of your pent-up stress. Unfortunately, traveling can produce an entirely different kind of stress that feels just as hard to escape.

Most of this stress is derived from a lack of preparation. All too often, people pack way more than they need to while leaving out items they didn't realize were essential to their day-to-day lives until it is too late. Forgotten things, over-stuffed suitcases, confusion at the airport about what should be checked baggage and what can be carry-on—all of this stress can ruin a vacation before you even get off the ground.

With Luggage Guru, I strive to ease your stress by equipping you with the knowledge you need to trot the globe like a pro. Today, the topic in the spotlight is travel hacks for packing. I've compiled an arsenal of packing hacks in my years of journeying. These tips are sure to save you time and contain the chaos that comes with travel preparations. [Read more...]

Travel Hacks for Packing

Best Travel Apps 2020

by Daniel | Last Updated June 21st, 2019

Travelers are always relying on their smartphones to make vacations or business trips as simple as possible. Because everything can be accessed from a mobile device nowadays, this has become such an important gadget when it comes to travel.


There are apps created every day to streamline the process of booking a hotel, changing flight information, and communicating with those around you. There are even translators and dictionary apps that help you communicate in foreign countries. Basically, whatever it is that you need, there is an app out there for you. [Read more...]

Best Travel Apps

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