Best Travel Apps 2020

Travelers are always relying on their smartphones to make vacations or business trips as simple as possible. Because everything can be accessed from a mobile device nowadays, this has become such an important gadget when it comes to travel.

There are apps created every day to streamline the process of booking a hotel, changing flight information, and communicating with those around you. There are even translators and dictionary apps that help you communicate in foreign countries. Basically, whatever it is that you need, there is an app out there for you.

So, what apps do you need to download onto your phone before planning your next big vacation? These are our must-have, go-to apps that we’re sure you’ll benefit from. Here are the best travel apps for 2020 – pick and choose the ones that will come in handy on your next trip!

1. Skyscanner

There is a good reason this application has over 80 million users monthly. They compare all airlines and travel agents to get you the best price for your airplane ticket, hotel, or car rental. Once you’ve decided what you want to book, Skyscanner will transfer you to the provider to complete your booking.

There are no added fees for using Skyscanner, and you’ll get connected with the best prices instantly. If the price isn’t what you want, you can always set up price alerts that will notify you when the cost on an airplane ticket or hotel room has dropped. Convenient and reliable, this is a must-have application to plan trip needs.

Download: iOS and Android

2. Google Translate

The beauty of the Google Translate app is that it can translate over 100 languages. If you need an offline dictionary, you can simply download the language when you’re connected to a reliable internet connection. From there, you will have your dictionary anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, Google Translate now offers an instant camera translation. You simply need to hover the camera over text, and it will translate it for you! If you need to share the text with someone, you’re able to copy and paste it easily. With so many benefits involved with this app, it is a must-have while traveling.

Download: iOS and Android

3. Airbnb

Housing is among the most expensive factors of traveling. Airbnb stays have been a hit since this service came out. Basically, it allows individuals to rent out a home, private room, apartment, or private space within a house. Some people don’t like the idea of sleeping in someone else’s home. However, there are options that are completely private.

The biggest benefit of an Airbnb is the price. You will save so much money when compared to booking a hotel. It will also add some excitement to your traveling, and you’ll have the added benefit of living like the locals do. Using this app is very easy. Simply enter the location you’re planning on visiting and start browsing!

Download: iOS and Android

4. Trip Advisor

Looking for reviews before booking a hotel room or vacation rental? Download Trip Advisor on your mobile device and enjoy travel reviews from people who’ve visited the hotel, flown a specific airline, or even dined at the restaurant you’re considering. You can find reviews for just about anything!

With this app, you’ll enjoy photos posted by other travelers. You will also be able to post a review after visiting a specific place. If you happen to be a manager at a hotel, you will have the option to respond to any comments or reviews regarding your property.

Download: iOS and Android

5. WhatsApp

Chances are you’re already a frequent user of WhatsApp. It is the perfect form of communication for travelers because this app uses very little data. When connected to a Wi-Fi network, it’s completely free! This is why people who travel outside the country like using WhatsApp. It gives them a way to connect with those back home without having to pay insane international roaming fees.

How does it work? Using this app is super simple. All you have to do is download onto your phone, create an account, add your contacts, and done! Keep in mind that your contacts also need to have WhatsApp for you to be able to chat with them by call, text, voice memos, or video! You can even send files, post pictures, and personalize your profile.

Download: iOS and Android

6. Hotel Tonight

Use this app to book same day hotels. This is perfect to have in case you need an immediate, last-minute booking option. This app can connect you with hotels in 12 countries and 150 destinations. You’ll thank us later when you need a same-day reservation and have this app to rely on!

Download: iOS and Android

7. Xe Currency Converter

If you want to transfer money from one currency to another? XE Currency Converter offers you live currency rates and gives you a great deal every time. This app makes transfers in multiple currencies worldwide, offering you lower exchange fees. Their process to make this transfer is simple. There is no minimum transfer amount or transfer fees.

Download: iOS and Android

8. FlightAware

Track your flight with FlightAware to view gate changes, delays, cancellations, and even have access to a live map of your flight. This app has been rated to be the most consistent, accurate, and easy to use flight tracker on the market. It’s completely free, but if you want to get rid of ads, you can upgrade to the paid version. Compatible with both iPhone and Android, this is a great way to stay updated with your flight information.

Download: iOS and Android

9. Priority Pass

Whether for business or leisure, this is an intelligent choice for you. Priority Pass gives you access to lounges while you’re traveling. This means you can enjoy a quiet, relaxing environment with complimentary bites and drinks before your flight. You’ll also receive vouchers at select restaurants within the airport.

With this pass, you’ll have access to more than 1,200 lounges around the world. You’ll also enjoy Wi-Fi in most lounges, which means you can stay connected with those back home. Talk about luxury! The Priority Pass app is user-friendly and gives you all the information you need to take advantage of these deals. We suggest you check it out prior to your next adventure!

Download: iOS and Android

10. Uber

This brings us to an application that needs no introduction! You’re most likely already familiar with Uber or have used it in the past. If you’re not doing so already, download this to your phone and get connected with a ride quickly and conveniently.

This is such a popular ride-sharing app because all the information you need is right up front – how much you’ll have to pay, who your driver is, how far away they are from your location. Using this app is so simple. You just need to select a pickup and drop-off location and then you’ll get matched with a driver in your area. At the end of this service, you can leave a rating and tip if you wish.

Download: iOS and Android

11. Lyft

Very similar to Uber, Lyft is another popular ride-share app that gives you amazing prices that you won’t get from traditional taxis. You can also conveniently link your credit card or PayPal account and pay directly from your mobile device. This means that you won’t ever have to worry about carrying cash with you.

Additionally, if you’ve received extraordinary service, you can tip them directly from your smartphone and leave a raving review. Lyft drivers will appreciate this as for some of them it’s their main source of income. Because prices fluctuate throughout the day, we suggest you download both Uber and Lyft onto your phone. This way you’ll always land the best deal.

Download: iOS and Android

12. Kayak

With this travel app, it will be a breeze to book your flights and hotels. This app will help you find the best rates, and you can make a purchase directly from the app. You’ll even be able to set price alerts, so when the right price becomes available, you will be notified. This easy-to-use app also lets you check your flight status directly from the app as well as take advantage of other useful tools.

Download: iOS and Android


As you can see, there are several travel apps that you can benefit from. It all comes down to selecting the best ones for you and your vacation or business trip. We strongly encourage you to download a few of these apps onto your smartphone to make your next trip as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Not to mention the travel tips you’ll receive with every app!

We’d love to hear which ones have worked best for you! Share your experience and feedback down below. Best of luck and happy traveling!

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