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by Daniel | Last Updated August 8th, 2019

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Finding the best toiletry bags are a small but critical part of travel. They protect everything else that you have in your luggage from potential water damage because the toiletry bag holds everything that is regularly exposed to water or contains liquids. Toothbrushes, shampoos, razors, soaps, and toothpaste are all common items that you want to make sure don’t leak when they are in your luggage. 


At the same time that you want something that will contain liquids, you want it to be small enough to fit into any bag. If you go camping, hiking, or trekking across a continent on foot or bike, the only piece of typical luggage you are likely to take is a toiletry bag. You want a bag that is big enough for all of your bathroom essentials, but not too big to fit easily into your bookbag, messenger bag, or camping equipment. 


Choosing the best toiletry bag can ensure you don’t have to buy several different kinds of bags based on the type of travel you plan to take. The bag needs to be durable and breathable. You don’t want any liquid getting out, but you don’t want liquids to be trapped inside either. Mold and mildew are a problem with these bags, so you also want them to be easy to clean once you get back home. 


Storing toiletries properly is generally one of the greatest concerns when taking a trip. With everything else you have to worry about, you don’t want to deal with wet clothing, and you definitely do not want your electronics to get wet or sticky because your toiletry kit was not secure enough to keep everything safe. There are a number of different things to keep in mind when you are looking for the best toiletry kit to meet your needs.

Size and security are easily the two most important elements, but keep in mind how you are likely to use the bag, and how often. This will help you make the right decisions about what bag will work for your needs.

Best Toiletry Bag Reviews Comparison Chart

Look at the Best Toiletry Bags comparison table to compare different sizes and weight. I will provide you with more information that will help you in our reviews below.

1. Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Travel Kit

Best Toiletry Bags

One of the best things about these toiletry kits is that they come in a number of different sizes, so you can find the right one for your travel. If you aren't satisfied with your first toiletry bag, you can also find the second one of a different size that will meet your needs. You have a lot of choices when it comes to how the bag looks. There are more than 20 different colors and styles to choose from, making it easy to find one that matches your luggage or is easy to distinguish which one is yours. 


There are two different pockets, making it easy to separate things like makeup and shower supplies from items like toothbrushes and toothpaste. This is incredibly helpful because, in the end, there are some objects in the bathroom that you don’t want being exposed to other things from the bathroom. 


Both of the pockets have striped fabric liner, making it safe for anything that you put in, so it won’t let any liquids out if you are putting a wet item into the bag. Usually, you want to let things dry before putting them in the bag, but sometimes you just don’t have enough time to wait until 

something is dry. You have to check out, you are running late for an appointment or one of the dozens of other reasons that mean you have to grab all of your bathroom items and cram them into the bag. It will definitely happen, so it is very nice to know that your stuff will be protected as you dash out the door. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Waterproof zipper

Very sturdy and stylish

Could benefit from have a couple more dividers

2. HUGO by Hugo Boss Men’s Pixel Nylon Washbag 

Best Toiletry Bags

The Hugo is a very professional looking toiletry bag that you can take on any holiday. You can choose between a stylish grey or an outstanding red to give your bag a little bit of personality. Made of 100% polyamide, it is just as secure as it is chic. The polyester lining will keep the rest of your travel gear safe. The exterior not only looks professional, but it is also highly functional. The interior is just as stylish looking and secure as you could want in a toiletry bag. 


There is ample room to store all of your bathroom essentials. It is 6” tall and 9.5” wide, making it large enough to pack more than just the sample sizes of many items. The zipper will make sure that your items remain within the bag, but are easily accessible if needed. 


The handle on the side makes it easy to carry the Hugo with you as you travel. If you are traveling on a train or other more leisurely method of transportation, you want your toiletry bag to be easily accessible. 

At the same time, you don’t want to lose it. This handle allows you to easily attach it to the outside of your other luggage so that you can conveniently reach it when you need it. With its professional look, you won’t be embarrassed to have it visible as you travel too. 

Excellent quality product

Well know luxury brand

Can hand wash if needed

Quite expensive compared to other options we reviewed 

3. The North Face BC Travel Canister  

Best Toiletry Bags

If you want a travel bag that is decidedly different from the other choices, this one will appeal to you. The bright yellow color makes it impossible to miss this bag when it isn’t stored in your luggage. It is also entirely unique because of its cylindrical shape, something that you will quickly find is a much more practical shape. Considering the fact that most of the objects in the bathroom are long and round, it is much easier to store them in a round bag than in a rectangular one. 


If you are concerned about items moving around loosely in the bag, there is a netting space inside that will keep items like small shampoos, lotions, and other liquids from shifting around while you are on the go. 


As you would probably expect from North Face, these toiletry bags are incredibly secure when zipped. There is a small flap that protects the two zippers so that you are less likely to unintentionally open it, or for it to be opened accidentally when in your luggage. 

There are internal clips that make it easy for you to hang it from anything you need to haul the bag with you on your trip. It may also come as a surprise that you can place it on the counter and it won’t roll. When you place it down, you can easily start to fill it without having to worry about it tipping over and dumping the contents onto the counter or floor. It is an incredibly unique bag that you will quickly find is almost perfect for any travel.

Internal mesh pockets

Twin handles on each end

Great quality design

Slightly expensive

4. Marmot Mini Hauler Toiletry Bag 

Best Toiletry Bags

The Marmot Mini Hauler Toiletry Bag is definitely one of the most professional-looking options on the market. Holding up to 5 liters, this little kit can hold a lot more than you may originally think.


You can store all of your sample-sized items, dental care, and other toiletries without needing to add a second bag for any trip. Perfect for business or a weekend vacation, this little bag is great when you don’t want to take a lot of stuff with you. You won’t need to worry about leaving anything important behind when you go.


The inside makes it incredibly easy to keep the small space organized. The interior top is netted and has a zipper, so you can easily see what you have stored in it, but your toiletry items won’t fall out when you are on the go. On the back of the bag, there is another zipped pocket, giving you another space for necessities like your toothbrush or toothpaste

You can choose between a sleek black and brick red so it is easy to identify, whether you are looking through your luggage or at a sink with several bags on it. There are also handles on both sides so that you can easily carry your bag when it is the only one you need. If you have to share a bathroom, this is incredibly handy. You can also hook it to your other luggage if you want access to it whilst you are on the go. Made of 100% polyester, this bag is one you won’t have to worry about leaking inside or outside of your luggage. 

Handles on both ends for carrying

Sleek design and very durability

Could benefit from being a bit larger

Zippered internal pocket

5. Nike Club Team Swsh Toiletry Bag

Best Toiletry Bags

Nike may be known for its athletic wear, but this little travel kit is perfect for any travel. When you remember that athletes tend to do a lot of traveling, it makes perfect sense that these bags are perfectly designed for organized, efficient use by someone away from home. It is designed to make it possible to find what you need when your schedule leaves no room for digging through your luggage. 


Coming in three stylish colors (black, game royal, and grey), the bags make it easy to choose the right one that goes well with your other luggage, or that is easy to carry even for those day trips when you don't’ want to go without brushing your teeth.

Naturally, the Nike logo is displayed on the bag so there is no mistaking who made it. 

The bag has a unique shape. Shaped more like the items that you are likely to store in it (particularly your toothbrush). Because it comes with a rounded top, your stuff will fit more comfortably and with less room to shift around. The flat bottom makes it so that you won’t need to worry about the bag shifting much as you place the items inside.


The dark colors mean that you won’t have to worry about stains or other marks showing up easily, however, it is hand washable if it does get dirty. If you have to place wet supplies in the bag, you will be able to clean it later to make sure that it doesn’t become a serious problem. Just make sure to remember to clean it when you get home.

Hand washable

Interior zipper pocket

Water resistant lining

Somewhat basic design 

6. Timberland Men’s Travel Kit Organizer 

Best Toiletry Bags

Timberland is known for its outdoor gear, and this little toiletry bag is perfect for any camping trip, as well as other kinds of travel, whether it is for business or fun. The durable exterior is made of canvas, which means that you can tote these little travel bags around without worrying about it being damaged. With 14 different colors and patterns to choose from, you will feel perfectly comfortable taking it with you anywhere, including work. 


Instead of using a completely rectangular shape that can be difficult to pack because of the corners, the top of the bag is rounded. This makes it easier to fill with your necessary toiletry items without any of the containers getting stuck in the corners. 


There are two zipped areas: the typical storage space, and a front pocket. This gives you a little more space dedicated to those items that you want to keep safe. You can slip your toothbrush in the front so that it won’t be exposed to things like shampoo and lotions that would make brushing your teeth a different type of torture. With its own zipper, you won’t have to worry about the items falling out either. 

Knowing that many of their customers are likely to carry their bags, Timberland has included a handle on the side. It is a full-sized handle so that you can carry it around the office, along for a hike, or on a plane or train where you will be traveling for hours. You won’t need to worry about it breaking either because the handle is a lot sturdier than the typical side tag.

Comes with a TSA approved refillable plastic bottle

Well made durable product

Could be a bit larger

Many different color options

7. Oakley Body Bag 2.0 Accessory 

Best Toiletry Bags

Made of polyester, this option is perfect for taking with you anywhere you need to go. While most toiletry bags are shaped like bricks, Oakley has taken a different approach. The Oakley Body Bag 2.0 Accessory looks a lot more like a mini briefcase or easy to care for first aid kit. It is thin, but still has ample room for anything you need to take on a day trip or weekend excursion. Because it is thin, items are less likely to shift and move around while you are on the go. 


The handle on top allows for carrying, so you can keep it easily accessible when you are on a train or plane, or when you have to spend days in a car and want to stop somewhere to brush your teeth. It is also easy to fit into larger luggage if you don’t want to have to keep track of one more bag. 

To secure your toiletries, it has a flap that folds over the zipper, making sure nothing inadvertently opens. The underside of the lid is a netted zipped pocket. Store objects like your toothbrush here for simple access when you need them. There is also a zipper on the back so that you can store sample sized items with ease. You won’t need to worry about any spills leaking out either as the interior is lined to keep spills inside the bag.

These incredibly handy toiletry bags comes in four different colors: 

  • Black

  • Olive camo

  • Red

  • Stone Gray

Can hand wash if needed 

Spill-proof pocket

Well priced 

Could benefit from being a bit larger

8. Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Travel Kit 

Best Toiletry Bag

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Top Zip Travel Kit is an incredibly compact but functional toiletry bag that will make it incredibly easy for you to store all of your bathroom necessities. It comes in two classic colors: black and saddle brown. Made of 50% polyester and 50% PVC, this is a bag that you won’t need to worry about any of the contents within leaking onto your clothing or electronic items. 


You will also be able to keep certain toiletry items from being exposed to others. There are two zipped exterior areas to the bag, so you can organize your toiletries to keep certain items (such as your dental supplies) from being sullied by other toiletries. The front pocket is perfect for smaller items. The main compartment is large enough to handle all the rest of your larger items.


Though it is primarily sold to men, it is also ideal for women who do not need the extra space for things like makeup and lots of hair accessories. It has more than enough space for shaving implements and other grooming needs that are universal and not gender specific.

These toiletry bags also comes with a full handle on the side. This makes it possible to carry wherever you are. Tote it off to the restroom at work or on a train, or connect it to your other luggage to ensure that it is easy to get to when you need it. The handle is made to be sturdy so that you don’t have to worry about it breaking when you are on the go.

Interior zippered pocket

Plenty of storage room

Excellent quality 

Not real leather finish

9. Carhartt Legacy Travel Kit 

Best Toiletry Bag

These fantastic little toiletry bags have a classic look that will make you feel a little nostalgic. You can choose between black and brown, whichever color matches your other luggage best. The focus of this kit is to give maximum room for your toiletries with the smallest possible bag. This makes it perfect for short trips or when you are taking a trip where you don’t want to have to carry a lot of weight. It is perfect for business travel, camping, hiking, or daily office work.


Made of 100% polyester, you won’t need to worry about leaks or tears for this durable little bag. The outside is also coated with Rain Defender durable water repellent, so the contents will be safe from water splashing in the bathroom. 


To make you feel even more secure with the integrity of the bag, Carhartt has lined the interior compartment with a water-resistant coating. This means that it will suffer minimal damage from the inevitable spills and mishaps that are bound to happen in the bathroom.

The Carhartt Legacy Travel Kit is incredibly functional for everyday use as well, and it comes with a handle on the side for carrying. Though it is certainly sturdy, you will want to avoid overfilling the bag if you plan on carrying it around by the handle for a substantial amount of time. If you plan to pack it in other luggage, you can not only fit all of the usual bathroom supplies, but makeup, a full container of deodorant, and a small brush.

Water resistant interior

Well designed and high in quality

Side carry handle

Is slightly smaller than some other toiletry bags we reviewed 

10. Helly Hansen Wash Bag 

Best Toiletry Bag

Helly Hanson has taken a completely different approach to the typical toiletry bag. From the shape of the wash bag to the way it opens, the Helly Hansen looks like a cylinder and opens like your other luggage. This not only makes it easier to store more bathroom items easily, but you will also have a lot more room to dig through them to find what you need (instead of pulling everything out of the travel bag to find the items resting at the bottom). 

The reason for the highly unique shape is that these toiletry bags are actually a miniature version of the Helly Duffel. It is identical to the larger version, but it is made specifically for carrying all of your personal items. Besides the size of the bag, another bonus is that the sides of the Hansen are made of a material that is like the water-resistant TPU. Don’t let the fact that it is a miniature version makes you think it won’t hold everything you need – it almost certainly will.


Since most items in your bathroom are round, the shape allows for much neater packing that will make it easy for you to cram almost anything you need into it (within reason). 

The interior includes netting on one side so that you can keep small bottles from tipping over and spilling all over the interior. 

These incredibly useful little tioletry bags comes in eight different colors and patterns:

  • Black

  • Black print

  • Dark grey

  • Olympian blue

  • Persian red

  • Port (a deep, deep red with pink)

  • Silver grey (with pink straps

  • Stone blue

Excellent quality 

Plenty of storage room

Side carry handle 

Could benefit from more internal compartments


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