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Buying the best carry-on luggage is crucial. It can help you keep things that you may need on a flight close and it is perfect for short trips or solo travel. You want something small and light, but with plenty of room for all of your essential needs. 

For savvy travelers, a backpack and carry-on are often all that is needed. That is why it is important to have something that is both light and roomy. 

Cost is always a concern with carry-ons because you know that luggage needs to be durable, but not really expensive. You want something that looks good and something that will easily mask the wear and tear that carry-ons are expected to endure. 

You need to select something that is right for your travel needs. This could mean purchasing a couple of different carry-ons, for example, a carry-on for business travel and one for personal travel. Regardless of where you are going or the point of your travels, you need something durable. 

It is always worth taking a few hours to research the right carry-on luggage for your needs. Keep in mind how far you will need to carry or roll your carry-on, and what kind of environment you will be in. If you are going somewhere that has a lot of rain, you want something that won’t absorb the rain as you walk out of the airport or station. 


Best Carry-on Luggage Brands Reviews Comparison Chart

Look at the best Carry-ons luggage brands comparison table to compare different sizes and weight. I will provide you with more information that will help you in our Buyer’s Guide and reviews later.

Tumi Merge Expandable Carry-on

DELSEY Paris Hyperglide

Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Upright 21.5

1. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 20”
One Size Spinner
Best Carry-on Luggage

  • Size - 20 Inch


  • Item Weight - 6.8 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 22 x 15 x 9.5 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

Samsonite has earned its well-respected name, and the Omni PC 20” Expandable Spinner is a perfect example of their understanding of what travelers need. Durable and colorful, this carry-on provides a sense of excitement while keeping your belongings safe. Whether you are going somewhere rainy or somewhere dry, this carry-on will be able to withstand some harsher environments. 


Made of a micro-diamond texture, the sides are scratch-resistant. This is why this little carry-on will look great even after five years of taking it on vacation. There are also two handles on the top, one that is retractable, so you can lift and store it with relative ease. The casing is made of a light polycarbonate construction so that you won’t have to worry about the carry-on adding more weight.


The wheels on the Omni PC can rotate so that you can pull or push the carry-on with ease. They are also lightweight so that you don’t have to worry about them adding considerable weight to your carry-on. 

With customers expressing a preference for expansion on all sides, this carry-on covers that preference. This means that it can be expanded to be a little larger if you need to pack a few more things (such as souvenirs). 

Dividers on the inside make it easy to organize your travel gear, including laptops, mobile devices, and electric razors. The side-mounted TSA lock helps to keep all of your belongings safe. 

Micro-diamond texture is extremely scratch-resistant

Suitcase is expandable

Global 10 Year warranty

Wheels not as sturdy as other bags

2. SwissGear Sion 21”Spinner

  • Size - 21 Inch


  • Item Weight - 8.2 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 20 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - No

The Sion is brought to you by one of the best brands on the market - SwissGear. This little carry-on bag proves that SwissGear knows what makes luggage both lightweight, effective and compact. As you would expect, the bag is incredibly durable and classy. 

At less than 10 lbs (roughly 8 lbs when empty), you will have something that is easy to maneuver and stow but with enough space for your belongings when you travel. Made of soft polyester, you can squeeze this carry-on spinner bag into some pretty small spaces. The SwissGear 21 Sion also has a number of features that make it one of the better carry-on luggage options.


  • A press button movable handle so you can make room to stow the bag, or simply roll it along behind you. It locks in place so that you won’t have to worry about it being knocked out of position when you are trying to stow your carry-on.

  • Four separate spinning wheels so that you can rest your arms after a long day of traveling. 

  • There are three compartments on the front of the bag to make it easier to organize your small items. 

  • There are additional zippers that can help you expand or contract the size of the lightweight carry suitcase based on your packing needs. You can also store mobile devices in the pockets, depending on the size of the device

We found in this particular review that this carry suitcase has corner guards to help keep the bag in excellent condition, it also comes in four visually appealing colors:

  • Blue

  • Burgundy 

  • Pewter

  • Teal


As you would expect from SwissGear, this bag is made of a durable exterior that keeps your contents protected. It will also take harsh treatment without showing much wear and tear.

The inside of the bag is lined. The top of this carry-on spinner has netting so that you can place items in it without worrying about them falling (making it easier to close and maximize your carry-on’s available space).
The straps in the bottom part of this lightweight suitcase make it easy to secure your clothing so that they do not get messed up and more wrinkled on the way to your destination

Good quality design and easy maneuverability

Well priced carry-on

Suitcase can expand in size

Pull handle not as durable as other suitcases

3. American Tourister
Moonlight Spinner 21”

  • Size - 21 Inch


  • Item Weight - 8.2 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 22 x 15 x 9.5 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - No

For those who want a carry-on that looks unique, the American Tourister Moonlight Spinner is the perfect piece of luggage. The most obvious aspect of these eye-catching carry-ons is their design. Choose from one of five different, singular looks:

  • Marble

  • Popsicle

  • Purple storm

  • Red/Yellow footballs (or soccer balls)

  • Rose gold

Regardless of the pattern on the exterior, all of the American Tourister Moonlights are made to hide dings, scratches, and scuffs.


The single spinner wheels help to make it easy to dash across the airport for short layovers or when you are at your leisure heading to the hotel. Changing direction without any effort is definitely a nice feature when you are running late.


The three handles on the exterior make it easy to carry and stow your bag

Once you get past the unique exterior, the interior is made for practicality. The cross-over harness will help you keep your clothes from moving and shifting while you are traveling.


The extra mesh divider lets you see what else you have stored so that you can locate items more quickly, without having to dig through everything on the side. The zipped modesty pockets let you store extra items, like toiletry bags away from everything else. 

The American Tourister Moonlight can expand by an additional 1.5 inches when you need a little extra space.


When you get home, you can collapse it for easier storage. The push-button retractable handle makes it easy to store it without worrying about the handle catching on something while it is stored. 

The body dimensions of the Moonlight are 20.0 inches by 14.0 inches by 9.0 inches, giving you a stylish and comfortably sized carry-on for your trips. The overall dimensions are 2.20 inches by 15. 0 inches by 9.5 inches, which may be larger than some airplanes can accommodate in their storage spaces so check before you arrive at the airport.


At roughly 8.2 pounds, the Moonlight is easy to carry with you wherever you go. The piece also comes with a 10-year limited warranty. 

Ability to expand up to 1.5" extra

10 Year limited warranty 

Great design and easy to maneuver

Carry handles could be a bit stronger

4. Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 20”  

  • Size - 20 Inch


  • Item Weight - 6.7 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 23 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

The Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside is a stylish, durable carry-on that gives you the convenience of wheels without having to sacrifice size. Made to easily travel wherever you need to go, it can take the harsh treatment that goes with being on the road. 

The exterior of this model is made of a lightweight shell that easily hides any scratches or scuffs. It has a custom design so that it isn’t just a plain carry-on. The side-mounted TSA lock ensures that your stuff is secure while you travel. There are two handles, one for lifting your bag and one that is retractable for easier movements. The wheels are multi-directional so that you can change direction quickly when running to catch a cab or looking for directions. 

The inside of the carry-on has pockets to help you keep your clothing, accessories, and other items organized. You can use the cross strap to keep your clothes from moving around as you go from place to place. The interior divider can keep other items from falling into the clothing area so that items like toothpaste, lotions, and other bathroom supplies don’t spill all over your clothes.


The overall dimensions of the Winfield 2 are 23.0 inches by 14.5 inches by 9.5 inches, making it able to fit into smaller spaces. This is larger than a few airline carry-on standards, so make sure to check the requirements before bringing your Winfield bag on your travels.


The large dimensions do make it easier to fit more into your carry-on, which is perfect for long trips or trips that require a more diverse range of outfits (such as a family cruise ship vacation).

In addition to being durable, the bag comes in several bright and friendly colors. You can also choose one of the more muted colors for a more professional look. 


  • Brushed Anthracite

  • Brushed black

  • Burgundy

  • Charcoal

  • Deep blue

  • Emerald green

  • Orange

  • Purple

Side mounted TSA lock for extra security

Extremely lightweight and durable design

Tends to attract dust if left in one place to long

Interior divider with zip

5. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero  Expandable Spinner

  • Size - 19 Inch


  • Item Weight - 10.3 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 19 x 13 x 9.5 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

Delsey is one of the biggest and best brands, it isn’t surprising the Luggage Helium Aero International Carry-on spinner is the kind of lightweight suitcase that makes packing and travel a lot easier. It is easy to use the many different features of this bag to organize your belonging and maximize how much you can fit in it. 

Weighing around 8 lbs, This Delsey bag is a sturdy and well-designed piece of lightweight carry luggage that can make traveling a lot easier for a long time. The number of features this bag has set it apart from other carry-on luggage brands:

  • The handle is retractable which allows you to easily roll the Delsey bag behind you after a long day of traveling. 

  • The four wheels are made for efficient maneuverability with double spinners and make this suitcase by Delsey feel weightless as you pull it along. 

  • The zipper lock is TSA approved and can be opened with either a key or numeric combination.  

  • The interior of the Delsey bag has two large compartments. Within the compartments have several pockets for more easily organizing and dividing up smaller items such as wallets, passports or electric razors

This carry-on Delsey suitcase is 100% polycarbonate, which helps to

  • Platinum

  • Black

  • Brushed charcoal

  • Titanium

reduce the weight of this bag while still making it durable. The design makes it harder for marks, scratches, and dents to show on your new Delsey luggage. It also comes in a range of stunning colors so that you can select something that matches the look you want:

  • Brick red

  • Emerald green

  • Cobalt blue

  • Midnight blue


This Delsey luggage review shows that the front part of the bag opens out so that you can stow laptops, external Hard Drives and mobile devices with ease, as well as making it possible to remove them while going through security.

This makes the interior of the Delsey Helium Aero just as stylish as the outside but makes it incredibly easy to stay organized. 


The main compartment has numerous areas to store and sort clothing and other items. With netting at the top, you can maximize your space.

The straps in the bottom portion of the bag make it possible to secure your belongings so that they do not get tossed around too much during your travel. 

Worldwide Limted 10 Year Delsey Warranty

Suitcase expands up to 2 inches 

Slightly expensive suitcase

Lightweight Polycarbonate design

6. Victorinox Spectra 2.0 International 

  • Size - 21 Inch


  • Item Weight - 6.2 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 21.7 x 15 x 7.9 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

This classically designed and professional-looking carry-on is both durable and convenient.

With an exterior that is a 100% polycarbonate finish, the Victorinox Spectra 2.0 International comes in two standard colors: blue and red. With two handles on the top, you can pull your carry-on behind you or easily lift it for storage or haul it upstairs.


The retractable handles have three positions so that you can set it to a different height based on your current needs. There is a slot on the bag to add an ID tag so that you can more quickly identify your carry-on from all the other carry-ons when you travel. 

There is also a front compartment where you can store things that you are likely to need while you are in flight or on the road, including your 15-inch laptop or other mobile devices. The suitcase is very sturdy so you won’t need to worry about accidentally harming your devices when you are in a hurry. They will be secure and protected as long as they are stored. 

There are two interior areas. The main body of the Spectra 2.0 International includes two zipped compartment areas for storing smaller items and keeping dirty clothes away from clean clothes.

The cross-over harness will keep your clothes from being tossed around too much while you are en route to your destination.

The smaller area can hold your laptop, thinner books, or other items that you want to keep separate from your clothing and toiletries. 

The overall dimensions for the Victorinox Spectra are 7.9 inches by 15 inches by 21.7 inches. Unlike the hardshell carry-on, this luxurious fabric exterior helps to keep the weight over 6.0 lbs.

If you need a little extra space, you can unzip the back zipped area to expand the carry-on.

This gives you a little more wiggle room for those times when you are just barely able to close your bag or when you want to take home a couple of extra items.

Quality design and finish

Integrated ID tag for security

A little more expensive than other bags

Smooth and easy maneuverability

7. Samsonite Centric Hardside

20” Spinner

  • Size - 20 Inch


  • Item Weight - 7.5 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 22.5 x 15.5 x 9.5 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

The Samsonite Centric Hardside 20” Carry-on Luggage is another fantastic example of how Samsonite addresses the different needs of travelers.

With a scratch-resistant shell, the Centric Hardside looks like a futuristic piece of luggage.


The grooves and design are intriguing and aesthetically pleasing, giving you a carry-on that will continue to look great for years. It is also incredibly lightweight.

The wheels are made to make maneuvering the bag easier when hauling it through an airport or train station.

There are three handles making it easy to adjust how you travel with your carry-on. The retractable handle has aluminum tubes, keeping the weight of all the little extras to a minimum. There is also a side-mounted TSA lock to help keep out thieves and to keep your bag from opening by accident.

The lock is simple to set, and the combination can be whatever number is best for you to remember. 

If you need a little extra space, the Centric bag expands another 1.5 inches to accommodate more items.

Whether you are having to travel with dirty laundry separated out, some extra souvenirs from your trip, or end up running late and can’t pack it as tightly as you want, you don’t have to worry about purchasing another piece of luggage. Just expand your carry-on and go.

The body dimensions of the Centric Hardside are 19.6 inches by 14.75 inches by 9.5 inches, giving you more than enough space for what you need on a plane or train. The overall dimensions are 22.5 inches by 15.5 inches by 9.5 inches, and 7.5 lbs when empty.

This is larger than a few airline carry-on standards, so make sure to check the requirements before bringing your Centric bag with you. It does meet most airline dimensions for international travel, making it a great choice for business and globe-trotting. 


You have your choice of one of six different and stunning colors so that your bag is easy to identify without sacrificing personality. 


  • Black

  • Blue slate

  • Burnt orange

  • Caribbean blue

  • Silver

  • Teal

Each color is classy and eye-catching, emphasizing the interesting scratch-resistant exterior. 

Scratch resistance finish

Expandable case for extra capacity

10 Year warranty 

A more supportive carry handle would be good

8. American Tourister Ilite Max Softside

Upright 21

  • Size - 21 Inch


  • Item Weight - 7.2 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 21 x 14.5 x 8 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - No

One of the biggest named brands in durable and affordable luggage, American Tourister Ilite Max 21 is a lightweight fantastic piece of luggage that makes it easy to get and stay organized.

Although it only comes in black and blue, this carry-on bag looks good and does not show wear and tear quickly.

The soft exterior also makes it possible to stow your lightweight bag without worrying about it being too big for most storage spaces. 


Weighing less than 7.2 lbs, it is the lightest suitcase for travel on this list and is one of the top compact spinner suitcases designed by this company.

Made of soft polyester, know that it will be able to take a bit of rough handling without harming the bag. It also has rounded and softened corners so that you don't have to worry about problems with the seams.


However, you need to be more cautious about it catching on obstacles and items as you go. 


  • A lockable handle that is also retractable, so stowing the bag is a lot easier, you can also pull it along, or lock it so that it does not pop up at the wrong time. 

  • The bag has three handles so that you can lift or hold the lightweight suitcase either vertically or horizontally, as well as pulling it comfortably with the larger handle. 

  • Four wheels so that you don’t have to constantly carry the bag over level surfaces. 

  • Two exterior pockets make it possible to keep your smaller items separate and easy to find. 

  • The interior of the bag has a net messing so that you can maximize the interior space and keep items separated. The cross straps keep the contents in the lower portion of the carry-on spinner from moving and shifting too much while you travel.

  • Additional zippers make it able to expand or contract the amount of space you have so that you can fit your carry-on suitcase into smaller spaces when you travel. 

In this review, we found that the Ilite Max 21 suitcase is a little too big in size to store easily under seats, but is easily fit into most overhead bins. 

As this is a smaller piece of affordable lightweight luggage, it is perfect for short jaunts of travel, such as a weekend trip.

Because it is one of the lower-priced luggage brands, it is one of the best carry-on spinners to use while you look for something a little bigger and more your style. 

They are even perfect for overnight stays in hospitals.

Single, smooth-rolling airflow wheels

Very lightweight bag

Less prone to showing wear and tear than other bags

Not as sturdy as more expensive suitcases

9. Rockland Luggage 20"
Polycarbonate Suitcase 

  • Size - 20 Inch


  • Item Weight - 8.7 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 22.1 x 15.3 x 9.8 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - No

If you want a unique suitcase without paying a large sum, the Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Carry-on Spinner is one of the best lightweight bags for you.


Made of 100% polycarbonate, it has a hard shell to keep the contents within safe from all of the possible things that can happen when you travel.

The cover is easily one of the most interesting and funky designs in this line up of best carry-on luggage. 


While most bags look professional and bland, the Rockland suitcase offers one of two amazing pictures.


  • The hardside suitcase has a departure flight schedule in the background with numerous landmarks covering the bottom. It can even be used as a checklist for the places you want to go on your travels, from Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty and Roman Colosseum.

  • New York is inspired by all of the sites and things you are likely to see in the style of a graffiti artist. It is a stunning and funky look that will be easy to identify no matter where you go.

The unique suitcase appearance isn’t the only feature that makes the Rockland one of the best carry-on luggage options. 


  • A moveable collapsible handle so the suitcase can be stowed when traveling, or pulled along behind you. It can lock in place so that you won’t have to worry about it being knocked out of position when you are trying to stow your bag. You can also set it out different heights so that it is more comfortable to pull.

  • Four spinning wheels so you can easily maneuver the bag after a long day of travel. 

  • Interior mesh that will make it easy to organize the contents and a small pocket for little items, like toothbrushes. The cross straps make it so that you can keep your stuff from moving around too much during your travel. 


Weighing about 7 lbs. this is one of the best suitcase brands for showing off your personality and still being comfortable as you travel around.

It is so lightweight that even a kid can easily make use of the hardside Rockland bag on vacation without it being too heavy or awkward in size. 

Extremely durable 
polycarbonate lightweight suitcase

Funky artistic design 

Not as sturdy as more expensive luggage

Multi-directional spinner wheels

10. Nicole Miller Rainbow 20”
Hard-Sided Suitcase

  • Size - 20 Inch


  • Item Weight - 7.8 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 23 x 15.5 x 11 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - No

Nicole Miller is a well-known designer, and the foray into stylish and functional carry-on bags is just one more example of just how inspiring the Nicole Miller line is.


Where most carry-on luggage is often made of cloth-like material, the Nicole Miller Rainbow has a hardside exterior so that you can feel certain that the contents are secure from harsh treatment and liquids. 

In addition to a different take on how the exterior of the suitcase should function, Nicole Miller also shows that good carry-on luggage doesn’t need to be bland.

The Nicole Miller Rainbow 20 Spinner comes in four different color combinations, giving you a handful of unique suitcases to choose from:


  • Blue, starting with powder blue at the top and ending with navy blue at the bottom, the case inspires images of a clear day under a cloudless sky

  • Aqua, which is clearly inspired by the bright colors of the rainbow, and is reminiscent of the 70s and 80s

  • Lavender, which is similar to blue, starting with a mild pink at the top and shifting through different colors to reach a brick red at the bottom. 

  • Sea Glass, which is very reminiscent of a beautiful day on a tropical island with its gentle ocean colors

Weighing about 8 lbs, the Nicole Miller suitcase is incredibly lightweight and roomy.

If you do travel with digital cameras, several devices, or things that you want to ensure will be protected, this design by Nicole Miller is one of the best bags to keep them from shifting and moving too much. 


Designed for short stints of travel, we found in this review that you can store a lot of stuff in this lightweight carry-on suitcase.

The handle is retractable and gives you two different heights so that it is more comfortable to move around on flat, smooth surfaces.

Unlike many other suitcase brands, it is also really easy to open the Nicole Miller Rainbow from the first use. Nor does it have a hefty price tag, making it a great purchase for a long-term piece of lightweight luggage. If you want something that looks and feels different compared to most of the other luggage brands on the market, the Nicole Miller Rainbow carry-on spinner is a great suitcase option. 

Bright colorful design


Excellent maneuverability

Somewhat Prone to scratches 


American Tourister Stratum XLT 20

AmazonBasics 20-Inch Suitcase

Hartmann Century Carry On Spinner  


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