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by Daniel | Last Updated January 25th, 2020

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With all of the things that you have to carry when you leave home, wallets are a necessity.


They make it much easier to keep your cards, pictures, and cash safe and in an easy to find location.


Since they are easier to carry than a purse, an increasing number of women have switched to taking only wallets with them, although you can also get different brands of wallets that easily fit inside a purse, too. 

The best wallet brands for men and women come in a variety of different shapes, styles, colors, and uses.


Whether you want one that is small and fits into your pocket or you need something that will hold bigger items (like checks and notes), there are certainly some of the best wallets for women and men that will meet your needs. 

While the best brands of wallets for men are created differently than for women, you are more than welcome to purchase the one that best meets your specific needs.


Some women prefer to carry wallets in their back pocket, which means buying men’s wallets. And some men like to carry a bag around, meaning they are more likely to keep their wallets tucked away. Then there are times when you want something a little different.

The important thing is to find the best wallet brand for your needs instead of settling for something less. 

In the following reviews of the 10 most popular wallet brands, you will find that some wallets have numerous functions, which is a big reason why there are so many different styles and types. Of course, traditional types for men and women are far more common, but with changing technology, brands of designer wallets are evolving, too.


If you need something that takes up a minimal amount of space, you can get some brands of wallets that hold just a few cards and slips easily into a back pocket, slim purse, or coat pocket. If you want wallet brands with a bit more room for coupons, cards, and other small valuables, there are several options that will keep your belongings secure.


Naturally, you also want your wallets to look stylish. With the vast selection of different wallet brands, there is certainly something to suit your needs. 

From traditional wallets or a coin purse or something that covers just the bare necessities, take your time to find the best wallet brand for your needs. 

Gucci Soho Mini Black 

Men's Gucci Wallet Studded Leather Bi-fold 


Gucci Wallet Shanghai Leather  

Best Wallet Brands Reviews Comparison Chart

Look at the best wallet brands comparison table for men and women. I will provide you with more information that will help you find the best wallet for your needs in our reviews below.

Best Men's Wallets
Reviews 2019


1. Minimalist RFID Blocking
Best Men's Wallets

If your primary concern is functionality and not bulky wallets creating a bulge, this is the best men's wallet brand for you.


There is a compartment for storing your cards, including your ID, and a clip on the back for your cash. This makes it very easy to access exactly what you need when you need it with no obviously visible wallet for a casual observer to see. 

These small men's wallets may be minimalist in its looks and functionality, but it takes advantage of current technology to keep your cards safe. Going beyond simply being small, the case includes RFID blocking protection so that would-be thieves cannot scan your cards while they are stored in the EDC wallet.


The casing is also made of aluminum and stainless steel so that it is very durable. Not only is it more secure, but these EDC wallets also have everything you need to head out on the town or go into the office.


The card area can hold up to 12 cards, including your ID. You will want to take your time organizing it so that you can quickly find the card you need when you need it.

The clip on the back makes it easy to keep your cash readily accessible. 

These minimalist brand of men's wallets come in multiple different colors because even if you don’t need something flashy you still want it to look good.


Also, you can pick the color that more closely matches your outfit, particularly a nice suit, so that your EDC wallet blends in.


After all, you want it to be unobtrusive, and an EDC wallet that goes well with your clothing will be the best choice. 

RFID blocking protection

Light weight compact design

Great idea for a present

Not so easy to access cards

2. Tactical EDC

Made of genuine leather, this men's wallet brand offers the best in security and functionality. With its thin frame, you can very easily carry it either in your pocket or fastened to your clothing.


Given its size, fastening it may be a preferred method of toting the Tactical EDC wallet, but you don’t have to worry about security.


The additional tools are made from aluminum and carbon stainless steel, this particular men's wallet brand meets all of the required standards to be sold as an RFIC blocking wallet. This means that thieves and crooks cannot scan the details of the cards inside these leather wallets. 

In addition to typical functions of normal wallets, Tactical EDC wallets are more like a Swiss Army knife. In addition to keeping your cards and ID secure, there are several other uses.


You will have the following items when you keep this brand of men's wallet on you:

  • Knife

  • Small saw

  • Ruler

  • Paracord tensioner

  • Nail pryer

  • 10/15mm hex

This is in addition to the 12 cards (including ID) that you can store in it. These additional features do mean that these leather wallets are a bit larger than you may be accustomed to carrying, although it is less bulky than traditional men's wallet brands.


If you want to be prepared for anything at any time, this is one of the best wallets for men on this list. 

If you need to travel, you can remove the additional tools without trouble. This allows you to easily modify the EDC wallet so that you can board a flight without having issues with security. 

Slim wallet with low profile design

Ability to hold up to 12 cards

Made with high quality materials

Is slightly heavy

3. Herschel Roy RFID

If you want a men's wallet brand that is more traditional yet includes the security of modern technology, this bifold by Herschel is one of the best brands of wallets that fits the bill.


Made of polyester, it is incredibly easy to hand wash so that you can keep it looking clean (even if you spill coffee on it).


As its name suggests, this brand of bi-fold wallet has RFID blocking included in its construction, so that all of your cards are safe from unauthorized scanning. 


Unlike many of the other men's wallets with similar functionality, the Herschel Roy RFID bi-fold wallets have the same look and organization of traditional bifold brands of wallets. This means you don’t have to dig through a small stack of plastic to find the card you need. You can place your cards in different divided areas for easy access. Cash goes in the traditional back area.

You can place small papers, coupons, or other items in with the cash as needed.

Best of all, these bifold wallets are thin, making it easy to slide it into and out of your clothing. The thinness also makes it less obvious where the wallet is, reducing the risk of pickpocketing.

You are also able to choose from a wider selection than average secure wallets. The following options are available for the Herschel Roy RFID bifold wallets:

  • Solid colors (black, red/navy

  • Houndstooth and Navy polyester 

  • Light Khaki crosshatch or forest night

  • Peacoat gridlock

  • Raven crosshatch

  • Woodland camouflage

This allows you to choose something that matches your look or desired style without having to worry about compromising the security of your cards. 

RFID blocking layer

Many different color options

Well priced men's wallet

Slightly bulky

4. Jack Spade Barrow Bifold Leather


This is easily one of the best men's wallet brands on this list, it is a stylish and functional bi-fold leather wallet available at a reasonable price.


Made from 100% leather, this men's wallet is incredibly durable and chic. The interior is cotton with a polyethylene lining so that your cards are protected from the weather and exterior threats. 

Given that it is a leather bifold wallet, the construction is very flexible. If you do not have any need for cards (just cash), then you can roll it up and store the bifold wallet in a less obvious place.


The exterior design is also singular in its style. The black genuine leather gives it a high-quality look that makes it nice to carry. 

There are three areas to slip items like your ID and paper cards so that they are safe. Plastic cards can be placed in one of eight card slots for easier access.


Take the time to organize your leather bifold wallet so that you don’t have to hunt for the right card for each situation. Your cash can be slipped in the back so that you always have access to it without pulling out other items. If needed, you can also tuck a piece of paper or small document neatly folded into the area. 

100% leather wallet

Ability to store eight credit card

Excellent quality mens wallet

Slightly expensive

5. Coach Compact ID Signature 

If you want a classic looking men's wallet brand with all of the traditional functionality, you can’t go wrong with this option.

The signature canvas provides a classy look to an accessory you have to carry around anyway.

Checking out the external pattern, it is highly reminiscent of glasses, giving these men's wallets an intelligent look.


This stylish canvas bifold provides some protection from the elements without requiring you to dry clean your bifold wallet to keep it looking good.


The interior has four slots for your credit cards, debit card, and driver’s license.


There is a slot at the back so that you can keep different bill amounts separate.

Or if you need, you can place a sheet of paper or two into one of the two cash slots for easier carrying.

This is one of the best wallets for men if you are going for a physical test for a prospective job and need to carry a printout or if you have a few coupons, the second slot lets you keep papers stored separately from your cash. 


This men's wallet is approximately 4.25 inches in length and 3.75 inches in height, like most traditional men's wallet brands.

However, it does have a thinner design so that it does not draw attention to its location until you have a need for its contents. 

High quality design

 Very durable material

Reasonably priced mens wallet

Slightly wide compared to other bifold wallet brands

Best Women's Wallets
Reviews 2019

6. Michael Kors Fulton Carryall 
Best Women's Wallet

Michael Kors is well known for stylish, functional products, and this woman's wallet certainly meets that reputation.


It comes in about two dozen different colors, so you can find one that matches almost any purse.


Topping off the classic look is the Michael Kors logo on the front.


The Michael Kors Fulton Carryall really stands out against the elegant leather on the exterior of this women's wallet. 


Just under the logo is the snap fastener, so that everything you keep inside is protected in case it tips over in your purse.


There is plenty of room in the interior to store everything that you may need for a night out or a day on the job.

There is a change purse located at the top, making it easy to drop all of your loose change directly into your women's wallet instead of letting it rattle around on the bottom of your purse.


You can zip and unzip the coin purse to ensure the coins stay where you put them. 

The rest of the interior is exactly what you would expect from a Michael Kors product. With plenty of room to put your ID, cards, and cash, you won’t have to spend a lot of time digging around to find what you need when you need it.


The Fulton Carryall is roughly 7.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches high, you should be able to fit this into all but your smallest purses.

Plenty of storage 

Snap Fastening

Stylish design 

 Slightly stiff structure

7. Kenneth Cole Blooming Botanical Nicole Wallet

For one of the best women's wallets brands available which are an elegant option to match any purse, consider this one by Kenneth Cole.


With a charming exterior that comes in a colorful finish, you are sure to be happy with your new purse.


This women's wallet has delicate patterns on the exterior so that you can have a case with a little personality.


If you prefer not to use animal skin, it is also made of faux leather, so you get the durability of leather without the scent or ethics of animal skin. 

Drop a spare key in here as well so that you always have one handy in case you get locked out of your home or car. Inside of the clasp is different pockets for your cards and other items.

This lets you store one card per slot, simplifying the process to find what you need in a hurry. There are two pockets with windows for items like your ID.


That way you can show your ID without having to remove your card from the slot.


Finally, there are two bill pockets for cash and other items. If you have coupons and other paper or slim items you want to keep secure, this wallet makes it easy and safe to store them in your purse without worrying about something happening to them. 

Coin purse slot

Very well priced women's wallet

Plenty of room inside 

Quite a long design

8. Kate Spade New York
Cedar Street Bifold


For women's wallet brands that can double as a purse, this is one of your best choices.


The New York Cedar Street Bifold is small enough to fit into a regular purse while still being large enough to function as a purse when you want a sleek and elegant accessory for a party or night out.


The chic exterior comes in ten different colors, including a stylish mix of black and white. Kate Spade’s logo adds a touch of elegance to the exterior without being flashy.


On the back of the bifold is a zipper for storing any loose change or keys (particularly helpful if you don't have pockets).


The interior of the bifold maximizes the number of cards, cash, and other items you can carry.

At the front on the right side of this quality wallet is a window slot for your ID, giving you quick access to what you need when you are away from home.


Lining the left side and the rest of the right side are over a dozen slots for credit cards, your debit card, frequent shopper cards, library card, or anything else that you want to store somewhere that makes it easy to find them.


Behind the slots are two separate areas for cash and other longer items that won’t fit in the card slots. 


The entire bi-fold is secured with a snap clasp that is easy to snap and open without flinging the contents out of the bifold. When you want to head out with only a few necessities, this is a great choice.

14-karat light gold plated hardware

Superior quality wallet

12 credit card slots, one ID slot, and two billfolds

Somewhat expensive 

9. Anne Klein Stripe Zip Around Wallet 

When you need something that fits into a small purse and the typical women’s wallet brands simply won’t do, Anne Klein’s Stripe Zip-Around women's Wallet is the perfect solution.


It gives you all of the functionality of typical women's wallets at a fraction of the size.


As the name says, the wallets are secured with a zipper – not just the coin area, but the main content area as well.


You can store all of your loose change and other items in the front pocket, and zip it up to ensure that whatever you put in there doesn’t fall out.  

There is a cute logo on the zipper handle for easy opening and closing of the coin area.


The zipper securing the rest of the wallet has a minimalist approach to zipping and unzipping – that way you don’t accidentally open it when you need to remove it from your purse or coat pocket.


The inside has another coin area where you can also store small objects like keys.


Four other slots give you ample room for cash, cards, and other items you need to take with you. 

At a very reasonable price, you can get several so that you have the best women's wallet to match several different purses.

Cute design

Plenty of internal compartments 

Cute and functional design 

Only one color option

10. Fossil Emma Flap RFID

Fossil offers something that many women’s wallet brands lack – extra security against thieves who try to scan your wallet for details on your cards.


And you don’t have to sacrifice an elegant look either.


Just large enough to serve as a small purse and just small enough to function as a highly useful women's wallet to put into your purse, this purse can be your go-to carrier when you are on the go.


It also comes in three different colors so you can pick something that will match your other purses and outfits. 

On the back is a zipper pocket for storing any objects you want to access quickly without exposing everything in the purse.


It is big enough for most common wallet items, like coins, keys, coupons, or cards. 

The entire wallet is secured by a snap fastener, when you open it, there are three distinct divisions.


On the left side are seven slots for all of the cards you usually carry, and at the front is a window slot for your ID.


You can also store items behind the slots, giving you the perfect place for items like your Social Security card (should you need to take it somewhere) or cash.


The middle section gives you room for six more cards – making it very easy to separate credit and banking cards from other plastic card types (like frequent shopper cards, rewards cards, and insurance cards).


Behind the middle section is another area for loose change. 

This is the best women's wallet for a classy look with a lot of functionality.

RFID protection

Soft leather finish

Great quality and plenty of space inside

Card section can be a little tight when new


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