The 11 Best Luggage Brands  

by Daniel | Last Updated March 10th, 2020

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Creating a list of the best luggage brands is a tricky task. With so many different luggage brands to choose from finding a “good” suitcase isn’t easy.


First of all, you must determine what you need, things such as size, warranty, and quality are just some considerations to think about.

Also finding the best luggage brands that can deliver a durable product for your travel gear is crucial.


So if you are going to travel somewhere for pleasure or business, within the country or abroad, the last thing you want to worry about is the quality of your luggage.


So what are the best luggage brands available?

After spending a huge amount of time researching and testing luggage, I decided to create a top 10 list of the best luggage brands that you can buy right now.


Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Luggage Set

American Tourister 3 Piece Luggage Set

Delsey Sky Max 3 Piece Luggage Sets


Here is a list of the top-rated luggage brands as reviewed by Luggage Guru:

  • Samsonite - Best business travel luggage

  • Delsey - Best luggage for frequent flyers 

  • Tumi - Best quality luggage

  • American Tourister - Best value luggage

  • Victorinox - Best Luggage for International Travel

  • Eagle Creek - Most durable luggage

  • Hartman - Best lightweight luggage

  • Rimowa - Best luxury luggage


1. Freeform Expandable Hardside Luggage 28"

Best Luggage Brands

  • Size - 28 Inch


  • Item Weight - 9.5 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 27.6 x 20 x 13 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

The Freefrom Expandable Hardside is a high-quality and stylish bag that has a number of features for the regular traveler. Coming in a few nice colors, you won’t have to worry about your baggage showing its age. It is made of strong Polypropylene, making it resistant to scratches. The handle is very comfortable which is helpful for when you are hauling it from Point A to Point B.


It is also wider than the average grip so that it is softer on the hands and it is adjustable so that you can pull the bag more comfortably around the airport. 

The wheels are 360 spinner wheels. This means that they are simple to maneuver and reliable so that you won’t be stuck with a wheel that doesn't roll. The Freefrom Expandable also has a TSA lock to provide access for agents, but prevent access to the bag by people you don’t want to open it. 


Perfect for leisure or a business traveler, the interior is spacious enough to accommodate all of the necessities for long or shorter trips. There is no wasted space, making it easier for you to make the most out of the entire case. With mesh netting that you can zip closed to help keep your clothes from moving during your flight. The back portion has the mesh instead of a cross-over harness. This ensures not only that your clothes can't shift too much, but they won’t have lines on them from being held down by a couple of straps. The top portion is divided into several sections. To the back is a section where you can keep additional belongings. At the bottom of the interior is a casing for toiletry bags with a special covering to keep water or leaks from spilling onto your clothing. There is additional netting for anything else that you want to keep separated and simple to find. 

  • Height adjustable pull handle

  • TSA approved for added security

  • Good quality and expandable

  • Not as solid as more expensive to brands 

2. Delsey Helium Titanium 29" 

EXP Spinner
Best Luggage 

  • Size - 29 Inch


  • Item Weight - 15.1 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 29.2 x 19.5 x 12.5 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

As the name implies, this bag was built with durability in mind.
The hard side Titanium Delsey is large enough in size to manage longer holidays, multiple family members or frequent flyers. It has all of the basic features you want with a few extras.


  • A handle that can be collapsed so it can be stowed more easily, or you can pull it along behind you. 

  • Four separate rotational wheels making it a breeze to carry all of your belongings by simply rolling it along. You can also lock it so that you don’t have to constantly keep a hand on it. 

  • The numeric lock gives you another way of securing it without having to keep track of a key. It has also been approved by the TSA.

This is a large-sized spinner, which means you will have to check it before a flight. Made of 100% polycarbonate, you can feel certain that it will be able to take a lot of punishment while you are traveling. It also comes in a range of colors so that you can select something that matches the look you want:

In this review of the best luggage brands, we found that this bag weighs just under 12 lbs or 5.5 kg. The surface may not be scratch-resistant, but the quality design by the brand Delsey ensures that it is much harder to see little dents and scratches. With a 10-year warranty, you can feel confident as you take your new suitcase on international travel or vacation that it will continue to look great while keeping its contents secure. 

Delsey has a sterling reputation for being an affordable and reliable brand. The company is one of the top luxury luggage brands because they address many of the different needs for a sturdy case. Offering a tough outer shell to protect your things, the inside is more than just a place to throw your belongings. With compartments and storage sections, you can really organize your belongings and travel accessories to reduce the amount of time you spend hunting for the little things. 

  • Expandable main compartment

  • Worldwide Limited 10 Year Delsey Warranty 

  • High quality and sturdy 

  • Can be prone to scratches 

3. Tumi Tegra-Lite Max
Large Expandable
Luggage Brand Reviews

  • Size - 28 Inch


  • Item Weight - 14.2 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 28.9 x 20.1 x 13 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

While most bags look like boxes, the Tumi Tegra-lite looks unique while offering the same durability as other comparable luggage brands. It is the most costly on this site, and arguably one of the best luggage brands on the market and on this list. The unique look also makes it easier to find it after a long day. 

In this luggage review, we found that this Tumi is easily one of the best suitcases to get if you want to keep all marks and scratches hidden. It can take a lot of harsh treatment and not show it. The polypropylene exterior ensures that the contents are safe from damage too. 

It’s shipping weight is just under 21.9 lbs. The bag only comes in black graphite, but its houndstooth design always looks good. It has a number of features that make it a great choice. 


  • A carry handle that can be retracted so it is possible to stow quite easily, or roll along behind you when traveling. 

  • The handle on the side lets you carry it when the terrain is not suited for rolling.

  • Four dual-spinning wheels that make it simple to maneuver through the most crowded or narrow places. 

  • The corner bumpers ensure that it will continue to look great and soften the blow as you take corners or try to fit it into little spaces.

  • With a TSA approved combination lock that you push to open, it is very secure. 

  • The interior is incredibly stylish in blue and houndstooth. The cross straps ensure that you can maximize the space available. The three pockets give you a way to keep your toiletries so that you don’t have to worry about leaking or getting your other things wet.  

  • A built-in serial number makes it easy to identify and track. 


One of the top features that makes Tumi such a good luxury luggage brand that we have reviewed is the fact that it is built to be water-resistant. If you get stuck in the rain, get splashed by passing traffic, or accidentally spill a glass of water on the suitcase, you won’t need to stress about the things inside getting wet (as long as it is closed). You can also buy a hanger that helps to keep your nicer clothes intact and as wrinkle-free as possible. 

  • Exceptionally durable

  • Water-resistant 

  • Great looking luxury design

  • Excellent for international travel

  • In a higher price range

4. Samsonite Flite Upright 31"
Best Luggage

  • Size - 31 Inch


  • Item Weight - 15.8 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 31 x 21 x 12 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

The Samsonite Flite comes in several bright colors, making it possible to identify no matter where you are. It looks more like a jetpack than a typical case. The singular appearance can help you feel a tinge of excitement before traveling, even if it is just for business travel. 

The Luggage Flite Upright 31 is one of the best lightweight suitcases as well at just under 12.5 lbs. The hard case outer section is reminiscent of a turtle shell, and it can take some rough handling without showing it. The following are some of the most notable features.


  • A collapsible handle making it simple to stow or carry it along behind you. 

  • Four separate wheels so you can easily roll it along with little effort. The wheel closest to you is also a bit larger, making it simple to tip and move along a little faster (great for those unexpected sprints across airports).

  • The TSA approved numeric lock gives you another means of securing your Samsonite suitcase. 

  • The built-in ID tag makes it easy to identify in the unlikely event that someone else has a similar piece.

  • This bag comes in several bright and friendly colors.

In this review of the best luggage brands, we found that the inside is simple to organize with its zipped pockets and elastic cross straps. This gives you a great way to keep anything from shifting and moving too much whilst you travel. The easy lock system has been cited as one of the top aspects because it is better to work with than most suitcases, but without sacrificing the security of your case. 

  • Very light, rugged polypropylene shell

  • 10 year limited warranty

  • Multi-directional for great mobility 

  • A bit cumbersome 

5. American Tourister Luggage Pop Extra 29"
Best Luggage Brands

  • Size - 29 Inch


  • Item Weight - 11.35 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 34.3 x 23.2 x 11.2 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - No

The American Tourister Pop Extra is a great lightweight luggage brand option for travel weighing in at around 11 lbs. Made of soft polyester, you don’t have to worry as much about dents and marks showing up after you travel or go on vacation. You need to be more cautious about it catching on obstacles as you go.


American Tourister is one of the best luggage brands because it considers the needs of their customers when they travel with each design. The Pop Extra Softside continues the legacy of the American Tourister luggage brand at a much more affordable price than other comparable bags. If you are looking for one of the top brands within an affordable price range, this should definitely be one of the brands on your list. 


  • A retractable handle so that you can stow it easily, pull it along behind you, or lock it so that it does not pop up at the wrong time when you travel. 

  • Three handles so that you can lift the lightweight suitcase either vertically or horizontally, as well as pulling it comfortably. 

  • Four spinner wheels so that you won’t have to strain your back trying to carry all of your belongings. 

  • Two large front panel pockets to keep small-sized items such as external hard drives separate and simple to find. 

  • The inside is lined and has cross straps to help you maximize the space. 

  • Additional zippers make it possible to expand or contract the amount of space you have so that you can fit it into smaller spaces when you need it. 


The Pop Extra is a more basic lightweight suitcase model, so you will need to purchase your own lock system if you want to add a measure of security when traveling. It comes in a few colors, black, light blue, tangerine and raspberry. It is not small enough in size to be able to use it as a carry-on for larger planes but it is more than fine to take on a Cruise ship vacation.

This is one of the better bags to consider on a small budget or for unexpected travel. With a casual and clean look, it will not show a lot of wear and tear. It is perfect for short to medium-length vacations where you want to have all of the necessities without overpacking. 

  • Suitcase is expandable

  • Very light luggage

  • 10 year warranty

  • Not as rugged as other more expensive luggage brands

6. Samsonite Winfield 2
Fashion Spinner 28" 
Best Luggage

  • Size - 28 Inch


  • Item Weight - 8.2 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 28 x 19 x 12 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

Samsonite is considered one of the best luggage brands for a reason - they make incredibly sturdy yet fashionable suitcases. The Winfield 2 Fashion 28 is a continuation of the type of outstanding luggage sets that Samsonite has offered to frequent travelers for over a century.


From its no-nonsense exterior to the capacity and organizational ability within, there is a lot about the Winfield 2 that makes it a fantastic choice for those long vacations.

While it is light (just under 14.5 lbs), it is robust enough to survive long trips without showing much wear. Made of 100% polycarbonate, you can feel certain that it will be able to take a lot of punishment while you are traveling. 


  • A collapsible carry handle so it can be stowed, or simply pulled along behind you. 

  • Four independent wheels so you can just easily roll it around the airport or hotel. They can spin 360 degrees, making it agile enough for you to navigate through crowds and tight spaces. 

  • The zippers come with a lock that keeps your suitcase secure. You can use this or the numeric portion, whichever works for your needs. 

  • A wealth of organizational compartments that help you keep your belongings in order. 

  • There are additional zippers that can help you expand or contract the size of this bag based on your packing needs.

  • The suitcase is quite large in size, which means you will have to check it before you fly. 


The Winfield 2 comes in a wide range of colors so that you can find the right look

This review showed that this particular suitcase may show some dents and dings, the bag is flexible so that it will pop back into its original shape so that it won’t get bent out of shape. The outer shell is designed to hide most scrapes, scratches, and marks so that it will continue to look amazing for years. 

In addition to the stylish hard-side exterior by Samsonite, the inside gives you the room and compartments to organize your belongings as much or as little as you would like. The cross-straps help to use the full interior of the bag. 

  • Very light Polycarbonate case

  • 10 year limited warranty

  • Perfect for frequent flyers

  • Somewhat prone to scratches 

7. Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Large Spinner
Best Luggage 

  • Size - 30 Inch

  • Item Weight - 14.2 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 30.7 x 18.9 x 12.6inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

When it comes to finding the best suitcase brands, you can’t go wrong with the Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Large Expandable. Choose from one of three stylish colors (black, navy, and red), all of which emphasize the elegant design of this top luggage brand. With a break-resistant shell that is Bayer polycarbonate, there is no need to worry about scratches or cracks marring the appearance. 


Big enough to go on longer trips, the Spectra is surprisingly simple to maneuver for its size. The wheels are multi-directional so that you can take sharp turns or move quickly to catch a plane. To ensure your wheels continue to function, they are made of a dual-cast with a soft tread. If you need a little more space, you can unzip the side and expand the bag by another 4.3 inches, giving you more than 45% more space. 


There are two compartments for optimal organization. The front section has several different interior areas that you can zip up to keep different items separated. Toiletries bags or razors can be kept in an area where you won’t have to worry about leaks or water getting on your other belongings. You can also place your mobile devices, such as laptops or external hard drives here if you don’t want to carry an extra case. The suitcase is also divided into different segments so that you can store different pieces of clothing in their own space. This will make it much easier to find what you need once you reach your destination. 

It is easy to move around with this particular suitcase because the retractable handle has three different settings. This will make it possible to work through crowds or narrower spaces by reducing the length.

The Spectra includes a TSA lock that allows agents to easily open it as needed but protects against thieves and other unauthorized persons accessing your case. It is also a Swiss Tracker Bag, so if anything should happen, such as the piece gets lost or stolen, you will be able to quickly locate it. 

  • Worldwide Limited 10 Year Warranty

  • Expands up to 4.3 inches 

  • Scratch-resistant finish

  • In a higher price range than other brands

8. Tumi Merge Extended Trip Expandable Packing Case
Best Luggage 

  • Size - 31 Inch

  • Item Weight - 12.9 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 31 x 20 x 13 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - No

For those looking for a more singular looking piece of luggage, the Tumi Merge provides a unique look without sacrificing durability or space. Coming in several more unique colors (coffee, ocean blue, sunset red, and green camo), it will be simple to recognize your suitcase. Not only does the Tumi Merge provide a unique look, there are numerous compartments, letting you organize your belongings.


If you prefer to have pockets on the outside of your case, this is a perfect choice. There are three different zipper areas on the outside, giving you a place to keep small notebooks, pens, razors, mobile devices, and other means of entertaining yourself while you are traveling. This could be the perfect way to keep from having to fly with an extra case. Nor do these zip spaces take away from the main section. 


The main portion is further divided into additional compartments. The main area can easily hold enough clothing for longer travel. The cross-over straps will keep the clothes from getting disheveled during your travels. There is a little compartment to the side of this section where you can keep other small objects that you may need.


The upper compartment has three zipper areas so that you can store toiletries and other travel accessories so that they are easy to find when you need them. Finally, there is a hanger bracket inside so that you can keep nicer outfits from getting too wrinkled. 

The Tumi Merge Extended Trip is not only big enough to hold a lot of your gear, but it is also light so that you shouldn't have to think about the suitcase contributing too much to the weight of the load. The wheels are also incredibly durable so that you don’t have to worry about having trouble hauling it across an airport, station, or lobby. 

  • Tumi luggage tracker for added security

  • One of the best luggage brands available 

  • Extremely durable aircraft-grade aluminum extension handle

  • Quite an expensive suitcase brand

9. Hartmann 7R X-Large 32" Spinner Suitcase 
Best Luggage

  • Size - 32 Inch

  • Item Weight - 8.4 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 31.9 x 20.7 x 13 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

Hartmann luggage is known for its unique and durable design, and the Hartmann 7R X-Large 32” Suitcase is a perfect example of their dedication to great products. Weighing less than 8.5 lbs, you won’t have to think about it contributing significantly to the weight you will have to haul around while you are on your trip. Whether you are on vacation or business, this particular model will give you everything you need to look classy. 

The exterior is both scratch and impact-resistant so there is no need to be concerned about any wear and tear showing for years. With a pattern that is reminiscent of houndstooth, you have four choices to pick the right look.

Each color creates a different appearance, with the darker colors looking more futuristic and the lighter colors looking more traditional. This classy exterior is topped by a premium leather carry strap that is retractable for easier maneuvering while you are traveling. There is another premium leather latch on the side so that you can carry your suitcase as needed or easily have control of it while you stow it.

To ensure that you do not encounter problems moving the bag, Hartmann has added smooth-rolling double wheels with a translucent polycarbonate core. This means that you can change directions with ease and without causing any problems or breaking anything. There is also a recessed TSA lock, making it harder for anyone besides you and the TSA agents to access the contents of the case. 

Beyond the beautiful exterior, you have more than enough space and compartments on the inside for your clothes, toiletry bags, razors and other things as you want them. Several mesh dividers and zipped compartments help to keep your stuff from getting disheveled while you are moving between locations. The elastic cross strap also helps to keep your belongings from shifting too much when you have not packed it completely full. It also comes with a couple of extra bags so that you can store small products away from everything else. 

  • Extremely light

  • Very sturdy

  • Excellent maneuverability

  • Slightly higher price range

10. Eagle Creek Exploration Series Tarmac AWD 30" Blue
Best Luggage Brands

  • Size - 30 Inch

  • Item Weight - 11.25 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 30.5 x 20 x 14.5 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - No

The Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 30 inch suitcase provides a lot of room with a more compact frame. While most brands offer bags with a longer body, this is shorter and wider. If you don’t need to take hanging clothes, this is a much better option to get the most out of the space you have. It is also easier to pack it in a way that will keep your clothes from shifting as much because of gravity. 


The exterior is made of a strong material that is puncture-resistant, so scrapes and scratches will not show up. With three handles, including a retractable one, you will be able to lift and haul the luggage no matter what the situation. 

The front has two pockets, one for little things (like keys) and a pocket for larger things (such as tablets and laptops. Both are padded so that anything stored in them is secure from the bumps and banging that are inevitable when traveling.


The four wheels on the bottom are very durable and swivel so that you can quickly change direction without worrying that your luggage will tip over. On the upper section is an innovative coat keeper to hold your jacket or coat when you no longer need them. 

The inside of the Eagle Creek Tarmac includes a lighter color than the exterior, creating a very aesthetically pleasing appearance when you first open it. The back of the suitcase is open so that you can pack it full of the usual clothing items. The cross-over strap lets you secure your clothes from sliding down too much while you are on the go. The other side of the suitcase provides an area with a zipper so that you can secure little things for easier retrieval.


With a lifetime warranty, there will be no need to replace it any time soon. 

The Eagle Creek Tarmac also provides more color options than many other brands. 

  • Very durable 

  • Lifetime warranty 

  • Three handles for easy mobility

  • Quite bulky

11. Rimowa Topas Luggage

82.0L Cabin Multiwheel 29"
Best Luggage Brands

  • Size - 29 Inch

  • Item Weight - 15.2 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions - 29.3 x 19.7 x 11.2 inches


  • TSA Approved Lock Included - Yes

The Rimowa Topas series design is focused on the luxury traveler. It has a grooved aluminum-magnesium outer shell with rubber seals. This protects the contents from moisture and dirt.

The corners are reinforced with aluminum and covered with plastic caps. It has 4 double spinner wheels that can each turn 360 degrees. This allows you to steer the luggage with ease in any direction. 

This luggage contains no zippers that someone can force open. Instead, they have a latch closure system and two TSA approved combination locks. You may select the combination code and TSA agents are still able to open it.

The Topas has a carry handle on the top and on the right side. It also features a telescopic handle that locks at 30” above the ground.

You'll love the discreet add-a-bag feature. By pulling out a belt on the front of the case, you can loop it through the handle of your other bag. This secures the bag and gives you a free hand.

The inside of the suitcase features a luscious blue ply jacquard fabric lining with two compartments. Each compartment has a sturdy, but flexible divider. You can open the case when it’s sitting up and nothing will fall out.


Finally, this luggage comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • The case shows dents and scrapes

  • Warranty doesn't cover wheel or transport damage

  • Hinged closure provides quick access

  • Reinforced corners

  • Adjustable dividers to keep travel accessories in place

Best Luggage Brands Comparison Chart

Look at the best luggage brands comparison table to compare different sizes and weight. I will provide you with more information that will help you in our Buyer’s Guide here .

  1. Samsonite Freeform Expandable,  28 Inch (27.6"x20"x13"), 9.5 pounds

  2. Delsey Luggage Helium Titanium Spinner, 29 Inch (29.2"x19.5"x12.5"), 15.1 pounds

  3. Tumi Tegra-Lite Max, 28 Inch (28.8"x20.1"x13"), 14.2 pounds

  4. Samsonite Flite Upright, 31 Inch (31"x21"x12"), 15.8 pounds

  5. American Tourister Pop Extra, 29 Inch (34.3"x23.2"x11.2"), 11.3 pounds

  6. Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Spinner, 28 Inch (28"x19"x12"), 8.2 pounds

  7. Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Expandable Spinner, 30 Inch (30.7"x18.9"x12.6"), 14.2 pounds

  8. Tumi Merge Expandable Packing Case, 31 Inch (31"x20"x13"), 12.9 pounds

  9. Hartmann 7R X-Lage Spinner, 32 Inch (31.8"x20.7"x13"), 8.4 pounds

  10. Eagle Creek Exploration Series AWD 30, 30 Inch (30.5"x20"x14.5"), 11.25 pounds

  11. Rimowa Topas, 29 Inch (29.3"x19.7"x11.2"), 15.2 pounds

best luggage brands

Hartmann Century Extended Journey Expandable Case

Amazon Basics 28-Inch Suitcase


Luggage Chatelet by Delsey Spinner


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