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Some of the best travel pillows may look odd, but when you are stuck in a plane, train or car for hours on end, they look like the only way to get sleep without causing pain later.

Any traveler who has had to sleep while on the go knows that you have to take your sleep where you can get it and that sometimes means you have to sleep in some uncomfortable positions. The best travel pillows provide a great way of avoiding cricks and other discomforts.


The best travel pillows support your head while you sleep sitting upright. If you have to sit with strangers on either side of you or if you have to sleep in an upright position, Using a travel pillow can make it a little more comfortable to rest. If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to recline or rest against something, the neck pillow can provide a little extra cushioning so that you can sleep a little more comfortably.

These little extra bits of comfort are easy to carry and can be simply stowed when they are no longer needed. With a number of different types of travel pillows to choose from, the focus is usually on making it easy to sleep while in an uncomfortable position.

However, there are some travel pillows that not only strive for comfort, but they also offer a little bit of style. Whether you are interested in a cushion that is soft and inviting when you need to sleep on the go or you prefer something that helps keep you looking at your best, having the best travel pillow is essential for anyone who travels often. When you get to your destination, you will be able to go for a little longer after getting some extra rest on the way there.


Best Travel Pillow Reviews

Comparison Chart

Cloudz Microbead Travel Neck Pillow

Look at the best travel pillows comparison table to compare different sizes and weight. I will provide you with more information that will help you in our Buyer’s Guide and reviews later.

Twist Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow 

1. Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam

If you are looking for a neck pillow that is nearly guaranteed to help you feel more comfortable, this is definitely one of the best travel neck pillows to buy. Taking a lesson from the kinds of pillows that people find the most comfortable for a good night’s sleep, this travel pillow is made of memory foam instead of the more common types of materials. This means that it will begin to conform to your specific needs, giving you greater comfort the longer you use it. This also means that your sleep will get progressively more restful the more you travel. 

Because it is made of memory foam, you will be able to work with the cushion so that it is comfortable no matter which direction you decide to lean your head. You can even turn it to a different angle if you need additional support from one of the sides. The back of the neck pillow is flat so that you can rest it more easily against the back of flat seats, such as airplane seats. This allows for better support so that you are less likely to be startled awake when the cushion shifts suddenly. The flat back keeps the neck pillow from slipping and moving, allowing you to get better rest.

In addition to the flat back, there is a strap in the front to help the cushion stay in place. It is far enough from your neck that you won’t have to worry about getting caught in it or it becoming too constricting while you rest. It is also easy to snap the front open and slip it off of your neck when you are ready to go. 

With the travel pillow being a necessity, it is bound to need to be cleaned. To ensure that you are able to have a clean, comfortable neck pillow, the Cabeau Evolution travel pillow has a cover that you can remove and wash after your latest trip. You will want to keep from spilling drinks and food on it, but for normal travel dirt and dropping, you can easily clean this comfortable neck pillow so that you can rest peacefully. To keep it as clean as possible, there is a handy traveling pack in which you can store it. 

A removable cover that is washable

Made with memory foam for extra comfort

Memory foam earplugs included

Somewhat bulky compared to other travel pillows

2. Trtl Travel Pillow

Stereotypical neck pillows look a little funny and can make you a little self-conscious as you try to rest while you travel. The Trtl travel pillow is made to look more like a wrap than a neck pillow, making it not only a more natural feeling as you rest, it is incredibly soft. Given the fact that you are not able to rest in the more natural horizontal position, any additional assistance you can get going to sleep will help. And this unique neck pillow makes it feel like you are nestled into a bed with the covers pulled up.


Unlike other neck pillows, the Trtl Pillow is made according to ergonomic studies and recommendations. When you wake up you will not only feel well-rested, but your body will get the full benefit from having a friendlier position to sleep in while upright. 

Since it looks like a soft scarf, the pillow has neck support built into it to keep your head from flopping over to the side. This means that you are not only able to drift off to sleep, but you also won’t have to worry about getting a crick in your neck when you wake up.

This provides more support than air and makes it easier to carry than other kinds of neck pillows. It is as durable as it is easy to store too, making it ideal for long trips when you want to take up less space. The lightweight means you won’t have to worry about the Trtl pillow weighing you down too. This also makes it easy to wrap it around your neck or remove it because you won’t have to shift your body as much. It is like wrapping a scarf around your neck. 

With four colors to choose from, you can get more than one if you are a frequent traveler:

  • Black

  • Grey

  • Red 

  • Coral

You can put one in the wash and take a different one with you if you have back to back trips or if you are constantly on the go. If you travel with other people, this little neck pillow is something that can help keep you resting until you get to your destination

Extremely light weight

Easy to carry in your luggage 

Excellent neck support

Can occasionally get a bit warm 

3. BCOZZY Chin Supporting  

3. BCOZZY Chin Supporting  

Where most travel pillows have a gap in the front, the BCOZZY provides support all the way around your neck. If your head begins to tip forward after you fall asleep, you won’t be startled awake by the lack of support. This by itself makes it a nearly perfect travel neck pillow to use for traveling. Even though you can’t get perfectly comfortable, the BCOZZY will help you get comfortable enough to doze while you are traveling. For those very long trips, it can help you rest up so that you can hit the ground running when you arrive at your next stop. 

Since it wraps around the entire neck, you also get support under your chin, so that your head is much less likely to shift a lot while you sleep. Best of all, when you wake up, you can simply shift it a little so that you are in a more comfortable position, then go right back to sleep. It is also made to fit children, making it a great solution for any member of your family. If you have ever traveled with children in the car or on a plane, you know how hard it can be for them to get comfortable. This cushion can alleviate some of that struggle, helping them doze off to sleep so that they are less grumpy when you reach your destination.  

The BCOZZY Neck Pillows comes in a number of varying colors, including color pairs. 

  • Navy

  • Black

  • Red

  • Gray 

  • Purple

  • Apple-green

  • Pink (for kids only)

Many of these colors come paired with black so that you can switch up your neck pillow if you don’t have time to wash it between trips, or if you just want a change in position. Once you get home, you can throw your BCOZZY in the wash and make sure it is ready for your next trip. You can either snap the neck pillow to your carry-on luggage for easy access to it, or you can squeeze it into a small pack. Since it is unobtrusive, you won’t have to sacrifice much space for other things you want to purchase while you are traveling. 

Provides good neck support

Can be easily washed

Adjustable chin support

Could benefit from a velcro strap to keep the front two sections firmly closed  

4. J Pillow 

While most travel pillows take a holistic approach to providing neck support to help you sleep while traveling, these neck pillows tend to fail to provide focused support. The J Pillow takes a different approach to make travelers who use it feel comfortable. The end result is a cushion that hugs your head from one side so that you can relax and enjoy the comfort. With additional cushioning, it will feel more like you are sleeping on a pillow than like you are wearing a large scarf.

This is one of the best travel neck pillows for long trips through any means of transportation. Whether you are in a car for hours or crossing the ocean in a plane, this neck pillow is designed to make it easier to drift off to sleep. To protect your head from it tipping forward, there is a part of the pillow that supports under your chin. 

This should keep you from being startled awake or having your head roll forward causing you to get cricks in it. Rest assured that your head will have more than enough support for those long trips so that you stand a better chance of sleeping while you have little else to do.

You can also switch sides that the neck pillow is on so that you can adjust your body as you travel. Most people do not sleep in the same position for an entire nap, let alone a full night’s sleep. If you are taking a night flight or trip in a car, you won’t have to stay in the same position for hours at a time or sacrifice comfort. You can snap it to your luggage so that it doesn't take up space while you are on the go.

This travel neck pillow also takes home activities into account. If you are having trouble sleeping and decide to watch TV while you try to get to sleep, this pillow can be used to help keep your head supported until you finally drift off to sleep. For nights when your allergies are really acting up, this can help you find a way to breathe more comfortably while you try to sleep sitting up.

Very comfortable and supportive

Can easily be washed

Easy to carry with fastening strap

Would benefit from having memory foam inside

5. PACK4TRACK Travel Pillow 

The Pack4Track takes a different approach to provide your head support while you sleep on the road or in the sky. Wrapping comfortably around your neck, it gives you consistent support all-around your neck. This means that you won’t have to worry about your head tipping forward and startling you awake once you finally get to sleep. The front has a strap that will ensure that the neck pillow does not move, making it easy to fall asleep without being apprehensive about your pillow shifting around. It is incredibly comfortable, making it great for sleeping or just resting when you aren’t tired enough to sleep.

With microbeads filling the neck pillow, the pillow keeps your head from moving too much without locking your head in place. The microbeads also keep your neck from getting too warm as you rest on your way to your destination. It is best used on a plane as the microbeads are designed to work with the changes in air pressure.

Since sleep tends to be difficult to find when you are traveling, the pillow also comes with a few additions to help you better rest while you are stuck in a vehicle. The sleeping mask gives you a way of blocking light, which can be a boon for sleeping on the go.

 That means you don’t have to worry about the passenger beside you having their light turned on. A pair of earplugs can help block out sounds, giving you a way of removing most distractions as you try to sleep. By taking a more holistic approach to sleeping, this cushion is often identified by frequent fliers as their preferred travel neck pillow. After all, having neck support is only one of the reasons why people have trouble sleeping on planes.

Once you arrive back home, you can simply remove the cover and wash it, making it easy to prepare the travel pillow for your next trip. The neck pillow comes with a carrying case so that you can keep your pillow clean when it isn’t in use. 

Well priced and good value

Removable and washable cover

Comes with earplugs and eye mask

Quality not as good as more expensive options

6. Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam  
Travel Pillow

Memory foam is a favorite material for travel neck pillows and bedding because it provides some of the best support to the areas where a person needs it most. The Everlasting Comfort travel pillow has taken this preference and turned it into a cushion that can help people sleep while they travel. Made completely of memory foam, this travel pillow can help you get to sleep no matter what means of transport you are using to get to your destination. The velour exterior gives you a cushion that is soft and breathable so that you do not get too hot around the neck and face once you do get to sleep.

One of the most common problems with other kinds of neck pillows is that they seem to have limited cushioning. The Everlasting Comfort is designed to provide the best amount of cushioning necessary to keep your neck from being in an awkward angle and give your head something soft to recline on as you sleep. The strap in the front will keep you from wiggling out of the pillow too while making sure you aren’t likely to have your head tip forward as you rest. 

If you would like to set an alarm or keep your phone close by, there is a space in the pillow to tuck your phone into without interfering with your comfort. This will make it much harder for anyone to take your phone while you sleep.

Understanding how difficult it can be to sleep on a plane or in a car, this travel pillow comes with a couple of extras to encourage you to get some sleep before reaching your destination. The sleep mask will keep the light out so that you can drift off to sleep. The earplugs can minimize the sounds around you. If you prefer not to listen to music, the earplugs are a great way to remove much of the white noise of trips. It is difficult enough to sleep when en route to a different location. The Everlasting Comfort travel pillow makes it easier to be better rested after a long trip, or if you just want to rest while traveling. 

Very comfortable memory foam

Lifetime replacement guarantee 

Comes as a travel set

Is a little thick which may cause your head to tilt forward slightly if you are a smaller person

7. PUREFLY Soft Velvet Inflatable  
Travel Pillow 

One of the earliest forms of travel pillows were inflatable. While there are definitely benefits to other types of pillows, particularly memory foam, the Purefly soft velvet inflatable travel neck pillow shows just how far inflatable pillows have come in terms of being comfortable. Unlike the early inflatable pillows, the Purefly can be inflated at the press of a button (instead of having to blow it up to inflate it). Simply press the button until the travel pillow is at the desired firmness, and you can then wrap it around your neck and get some rest.


When you are done using it, hold the black air valve to let the air escape. To avoid cricks in your back and neck and other problems from sleeping while sitting upright, the neck pillow will help you keep a healthy neck alignment even as you sleep. No batteries are required to fill the pillow with air.

Having an inflatable travel neck pillow not only allows you to control the firmness of the pillow, but it is also far easier to carry with you as you travel. Taking up only a small amount of space, you can easily fit it into your bags. It is specifically designed to provide you with optimal head and neck support. It comes with a handy little bag so that you can store it in a container that will be easy to identify and remove from your bags. 

The exterior is also very soft, but washable. That way, you can wash it after a long trip, making sure that there are no germs on it when you are ready for your next trip.

Since it is inflatable, you can use it for other sleep needs. If you are at home and do not have an extra pillow, you can comfortably sleep on this one until you have time to go to a store. If you find that you are having trouble sleeping and want to move out to the living room to watch TV or play games until you go to sleep, take the Purefly travel pillow with you. When you finally do doze off, your neck and head will be properly supported.

Extremely lightweight

Built-in air pump

Removable and washable cover

Slightly bulky when inflated

8. Memory Foam Neck Support
Travel Pillow 

Following many of the classic looks and designs of the traditional travel pillow, the Travel Pillow Memory Foam Neck Support is actually very modern. Made with memory foam, it will keep your head aligned while you sleep. Also, since it is made with memory foam the travel pillow is great for any kind of vehicle, whether train, plane, bus, car or camper. It can even be used to help you get to sleep while you are watching TV if you are having trouble sleeping in your own bed at home. The back of the cushion is a little larger, helping you keep your head from moving into an uncomfortable or pain-inducing position as you sleep.

The cover for the travel neck pillow is made of soft microfibers and can be removed for washing once you get home after a long journey. The memory foam inside is perfect for helping you get comfortable as it reshapes the cushion based on your specific needs. The ropes at the front are easy to tie so that you don’t have to worry about your head slipping out of the pillow while you sleep. This travel pillow provides you with everything you need without the little extras that you don’t want. 

Because this cushion doesn’t have a lot of little extras, it is one of the best economical pillows on the market. If you want a travel pillow that will help you get comfortable enough to sleep but you don’t want to pay a lot, this is the perfect pillow. Nor do you have to sacrifice comfort or other needs because the cushion is very comfortable. 

If you have used some of the early travel pillows, you know that they may not have been great for sleeping, but they were easy to store. These neck pillows takes the best of both worlds, comfort and easy storage. If you don’t have room in your bags, you can tie it to one of your bags and keep it nearby for when you need it again. If you are worried about it getting dirty when you are not using it, try to work it into a bag. The memory foam also makes it easy to squeeze the pillow into a smaller space. 

Cheapest neck support in this list

Removable micro-fibre cover that can be washed

Quality not as good as more expensive options

Comfortable and supportive 

9. Huzi Infinity Pillow

While most travel pillows look like a donut, The Huzi Infinity Pillow is more like a luxury scarf designed to get you to sleep in maximum comfort without feeling like you look odd. The Huzi Infinity Pillow is made in the shape of the infinity symbol so that you can adjust it to meet your specific needs. You slip your head through one end, then wrap it around your neck as many times as you like. It will hold your head in place, and you can slip your hands through the other end to simulate one of the many sleep positions. 

The design is completely original, taking into account the need for something that fits easily into your luggage and the need for comfort, this cushion accomplishes a bit more. Most travel pillows tend to make you feel a little trapped. The Huzi Infinity Pillow keeps your head in a comfortable position but also gives you a little more mobility so that you can shift your position as you sleep. 

It also has enough cushioning in it so that you can use it as a regular pillow. If you need to take a quick nap at work and want to rest on your desk or another flat surface, you can double it up to create a very soft pillow. The extra material from the infinity shape helps you coordinate your head and arms, something that you do naturally in your sleep. Many people like to sleep with a hand near their face or with their arms folded. Traditional u-shaped pillows don’t make this easy because they only focus on neck support. By getting more of your body into a more comfortable position, you can not only get to sleep a little easier, but it will also be easier to remain asleep. 

Choose from one of four colors:

  • Gray

  • Navy

  • Burgundy

  • Tan

The bamboo fabric is incredibly soft on the exterior of the neck pillow, while the inside is layered with microfibers. This means that you can use it to keep a little warmer without sacrificing breathability. It is also machine washable so that you can keep it clean after any trip or long week at work.

Whole pillow can be easily washed

Comfortable and versatile 

Antibacterial fabric

Slightly more expensive than other travel pillows

10. LANGRIA 6-in-1 Memory Foam Neck Support

The Langria Memory Foam Travel Pillow provides a lot of comforts to help you get the rest you need while you are traveling. Instead of taking the traditional approach to providing additional support, this travel neck pillow works to make it easy to sleep in many different positions. The back of the pillow has extra support so that your head does not fall back while you sleep or get into a bad position against the seat. The rest of the cushion wraps around the neck and snaps in place in the front. This keeps your head aligned so that you will not wake up and feel any pain or discomfort. 

So far, it sounds similar to other pillows, but the LANGRIA 6-in-1 is also designed so that you can shift your head and neck where the most support is provided. If you like to sleep with your head to one side instead of reclined straight back, you can shift the pillow and rest more easily to the side while feeling assured that your head won’t shift too much in any other direction. The memory foam will help you be comfortable no matter where you are trying to sleep. You can even use it in your car if you would like additional back support while you are on the road.  

In addition to the neck pillow, you get a detachable hood that can give you additional darkness without having to put glasses or a mask on your face. This can help you feel more relaxed as your face is hidden a little as you get to sleep. The hood is made of a breathable fabric that won’t cause you to feel too hot while you sleep. 

When you don’t need the neck pillow, you can store it in the travel bag that comes with it. This will keep it from getting dirty as you make your way to the hotel or home. It is easy to fold the Langria 6-in-1 Memory Foam Neck Support into a smaller size so that it doesn’t take up much space. Once you get home, you can remove the cover and throw it in the wash so that it is clean for the next time you need it. 

Comfortable memory foam 

Washable cover 

Detachable hood for privacy and to help block light

Slightly large neck support may be a bit to big for smaller people


Inflatable Travel Pillow Sleep Aid

Cabeau Evolution Cool Travel Pillow


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