The Best Things to do in Geneva

by Daniel | Last Updated June 21st, 2019

One of the hubs of Europe, Geneva is the destination for millions of tourists every year. With its rich history, elegant architecture, and beautiful landscape the city has earned its reputation as a place that everyone should see at least once. It is a part of the financial backbone of the world and it is known as the “City of Peace.”


This charming city has something to offer everyone. 

The second-largest city in Switzerland, it has a complicated history that you can explore for days.


However, it has all of the modern-day conveniences that make trips so easy to enjoy. Located in the French portion of Switzerland, restaurants in Geneva have a fascinating mix of traditional dishes from around Europe.


If you have a trip planned to Geneva, you are going to need to spend a good bit of time prioritizing what you want to do.
Keep reading the find some of the best things to do in Geneva

Hotels in Geneva Switzerland

The hotels in Geneva are world-class, both inside and out. Trying to find the perfect place to rest after exploring all of the sites and events that the city has to offer (or somewhere to spend a couple of days relaxing) is a unique task all its own. 

Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva

Easily one of the most renowned luxury hotel chains, the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva is a flagship member of the chain.


The hotel makes the most of the beautiful view of the Alps, the Lake Geneva, or Old Town so that you will have constant access to the stunning visuals of the city.


They have all of the amenities you would expect from a luxury hotel, including a spa on the rooftop to help you unwind. 

The hotel makes interesting use of the historical elegance of the building while adding all of the things you love about the modern world. The goal is to make it a stay where you can feel the history of the city without feeling trapped in the past – a balance that they achieve with aplomb. 

The New Midi

Located in the center of this vibrant city, the New Midi is a quick stroll from Old Town and most of the best restaurants and activities the city has to offer.


It is the perfect hotel for vacation and business or a pleasant mix of both. It provides you with a place to rest or some highly enjoyable activities if the weather outside isn’t conducive to being out and about. 

The look and feel of the New Midi is much more modern, with rooms decorated in bright, cheerful colors to make you feel warm and comfortable on cold winter days.


Just looking at the many different styles and looks can be inspirational, leaving you wanting to try out a different room on your next visit. 

The Ambassador

If you prefer to spend more of your time on activities, The Ambassador is a fantastic solution. With so much to do around the city, you may not be spending much of your time in your hotel.


The Ambassador gives you a luxury stay but is less costly than the other two hotels that we have suggested. When you stay in one of the cheerfully colored rooms you will have a fantastic place to relax after a long day of visiting sites or conducting business meetings. 

They also have space for large conferences and other business needs. The hotel restaurant provides a wide array of dishes that will leave you delightfully full after a long day of exploration or work. 

Restaurants and Cafes

As part of a nation that borders several countries with very different culinary proficiencies, the food in Geneva is exquisite.


You have a wealth of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinking, or just a great cup of coffee.


From the vast array of restaurant choices, we have selected a few that we think you should work into your visit.

Boreal Café (Rue du Stand)

This amazing little café offers an inspirational mix of bold colors for the dark winter days and smooth music to help you relax.


Whether you are taking a day to enjoy the city at a slower pace, trying to escape work for a little while or just want to watch the world for a bit, Boreal Café is the perfect place to stop for a bite or just a hot drink.


Best known for their inspired drinks, you can pick up a little treat to enjoy while you watch the world. You can also take your hot drink to go if you just need to pop in for a quick shot of caffeine on a busy day. 

Marcel Cafe

On days when you want to sit back and enjoy a world-class brunch, you should definitely make Marcel Café your first choice.


Their menu runs the gamut, from traditional sides and entrees to scrumptious breakfasts and sandwiches.


The food that they have on offer takes from many of the most popular European and North American traditions, mixing the cuisine of two continents for your delight. Of course, their desserts are a perfect way to wrap up your meal. 

Le Bar Des Bergues

Located in the luxury Four Seasons hotel, Le Bar Des Bergues continues the experience of the visually stimulating interior décor.


Of course, that is just the beginning of your phenomenal dining pleasure as you enjoy light fare and a fantastic cocktail.


It is the perfect place to end a long business day or to chat with other people from around the world. 

Le Rouge & Le Blanc Geneve

For a more refined evening dining experience, you should plan to visit Le Rouge & Le Blanc Geneve.


Since it has some of the best wine in the city, you will want to plan to have a glass or two with your meal.


Many of the dishes are vegetarian-friendly, making it a place where nearly anyone in your family or business can eat and enjoy the meal.


Plan to unwind and enjoy a great meal with a fantastic glass of wine. 

As the second-largest city in one of the financial hubs in Europe, there is a lot of history and culture to enjoy in Geneva Switzerland. 

Old Town

Many of the hotels and restaurants boast of their relatively close proximity to Old Town for a reason – it is charming, tourist-friendly, and has so many attractions it could cover several articles all on its own.


Called Vieille Ville, many of the most notable landmarks in the country are located here, including St. Pierre Cathedral and the Maison Tavel Museum.

For the avid historian, there are many places that must be visited to see a fraction of the rich history of the city. For those looking for unique dining experiences, there is an entire area that serves as the heart of socialization in the city. 

Two of the greatest attractions of Old Town, St. Pierre Cathedral and Maison Tavel Museum, are places where you should visit at least once.


A testament to the ingenuity of the architects of the Middle Ages, St. Pierre Cathedral has withstood the test of time in a way that is most remarkable. Both austere and elegant, it is humbling to step into the cathedral and to feel the weight of history, making you a small part of that history.


While not nearly as old as the cathedral, Maison Tavel is Geneva’s oldest private residence. Originally built in the 11th century, the original building burned to the ground.


The current building was rebuilt on the foundation in the 1330s. Today it is home to the Museum of Urban History and Daily Life of Geneva, including many relics from the long history of the city. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy either of these majestic historical sites. 

Patek Philippe Museum Geneva Switzerland

People have always had a fascination with time, one of the few things that we haven’t been able to master.


The best we can do is track its passing through writings and measure it through watches. Switzerland is renowned for its watches and clocks, as well as an extensive history with the concept of time.


The Patek Philippe Museum is home to the most extensive collection of watches from across several centuries, with a library dedicated to understanding the complex history humans have had with time.

The museum is home to more than 500 year’s worth of watches, including the oldest known watch in the world.


Some of the most unique and complicated timepieces also reside here on display for visitors. You can join a tour through the museum to get a better understanding of the complicated history humans have had with time.


Just as intriguing as time, people have spent centuries trying to understand the world around us. One of the few things to still escape our understanding is the universe.


From its beginning to how it continues to grow, physicists seek to better understand everything about the universe. CERN is a science museum with active physicists who are researching everything from the Hadron Collider and Higgs Boson to antimatter and the Internet. 

Science today includes everything from the universe to modern technology. With the future of AI being just as uncertain as to the universe, there is still so much to understand.


Having a facility dedicated to studying the different aspects of our world can help all of us get a better understanding of the world and our place in it.


Take a tour or visit some of the mind-blowing exhibits to turn your trip into an unforgettable learning experience. 

Geneva Auto Show

The perfect way to engage a car enthusiast is to include a trip to the Geneva Auto Show. This annual event sees some of the most expensive and potentially revolutionary vehicles in the world.


Most participants are from the famous European car manufacturers, but there are some participants from outside the continent as well. 

The sleek and sexy vehicles point the way to the future of cars. From several electric entries to some of the most intriguing classics, there is a lot to take in over the course of the show. Get a look into where the world of cars is going by stopping by.


You likely won’t walk out with a car since many of the entries are the first makes or unique builds, but it will give you an idea of what you can expect going forward.


Of course, if you do want to walk out with one of these phenomenal pieces of ingenuity, be prepared to pay a very hefty price for the joy of having one of these beauties. 

Parc de la Grange

For days when you don’t feel like doing much of anything or want to be free to roam, you can go to the Parc de la Grange. A gorgeous lakeside park located in the city, you can come and just enjoy a sunny day while strolling the grounds.


Given to the city as a gift from the illustrious Favre family, the grounds have been beautifully kept since the transfer to the city in 1918. 

You may want to plan your trip to Geneva, and the park in particular for during the spring. The acres of rose gardens attract a lot of visitors every year and are well worth the visit when they are in full bloom.


Check out the park’s schedule as there are free concerts on the grounds over the course of the year.


This is the perfect place to bring a cup of tea or coffee and simply enjoy the view and take it slow. It can help you gain a new appreciation of everything just to sit and let your mind wander and wonder on a brilliant spring day.


With a view of Lake Geneva from the top of the gently sloping hill can provide you with all the inspiration you need to help you find calm even long after you have returned home. 


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