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by Daniel | Last Updated June 21st, 2019

There is a reason why London appeals to so many visitors (over 19 million each year) – there is literally something in the city for everyone. As the city that was once the capital of an empire and with more than 1,000 years of history and tradition. From the Ritz to the London Eye, you can experience a unique blend of old and new that you simply cannot find in many other cities in the world. 

London has grown to accommodate the vast number of people making the trek to have a first-hand experience of this amazing city. Between some of the most singular attractions available to the world-class hotels, there is far too much for you to take in without a bit of help. If you want to people watch, there are few cities in the world with such a diverse population of people. And getting around on the Tube is very easy.  

To help you make the most of your trip to London – whatever the reason for your visit – this guide can help you find places to rest, dine, and enjoy a city that is like no other city in the world. 

Hotels in London

When you visit a city as old as London, you know that you are in for a very difficult task trying to find somewhere to stay. There are thousands of hotels to choose from, you could spend hours looking for just the right accommodation for you and your companions. 

We know just how difficult it can be, so we’ve chosen three of our favorite places. And we can heartily recommend all of them as fantastic places to stay when you visit London.

The Ritz 

The Ritz London is everything you would expect from a combination of one of the best-known luxury hotel chains and one of the oldest cities in Europe.


As if the beautiful architecture and stunning amenities were not enough, you will be in the heart of London. Everything that you could possibly want to see or experience is much easier to reach from the Ritz, wherever your destination may be. 

With more than 100-year history, the Ritz has a fascinating history. Having withstood the test of time (and two World Wars), there is a lot to see in this beautiful building. 

ACE Hotel Shoreditch

The Ace Hotel is located in Shoreditch, giving you access to many of the areas you will likely want to visit.


Unlike most hotels that try to make you feel like you are away from home, the Ace Hotel can give you the feeling that you are in a home away from home.


With décor and furniture that is more reminiscent of a comfortable home than a less personal hotel room, you will find yourself quickly getting comfortable. On days when it is raining, you will be able to remain relaxed and at ease in your room. 

You can also explore the hotel and its uniquely decorated restaurant, the Miranda Venue, and with the regularly scheduled events, you will have plenty to keep you happily occupied if the weather isn’t cooperating.

The SoHo Hotel 

If you plan to take advantage of the exciting nightlife and entertainment (two of the things for which the city is well-known), this is the perfect hotel for you.


Every room is designed to be different from the others. This means that if you return at a later date, you can get a room that is different from your last visit. Every stay will be memorable. 

Beyond the unique rooms, you will be able to either relax in the evenings at the restaurant and bar or enjoy some special entertainment packages (including a theater package). If you prefer to stay in for a night or two, the SoHo Hotel has a library that you can visit.


They have plenty of space for events as well, making it easy to enjoy exciting nights or relaxing evenings – whatever you want to do on any given night. 

Restaurants and Cafes

London has a vibrant and exciting culinary culture, the number of exceptional restaurants, bars, and cafes in London is vast and varied.


The following are just a few of the places that we have enjoyed, and they each left a strong impression.  


Dishoom is a fantastic Indian restaurant in London. Inspired by the food from Bombay’s Old Irani Cafes, this restaurant seeks to provide as authentic a taste of India as possible from so far away.


Not only do they have some great food but they also have some of the best drinks you can find in the area.


Take some time to review their menu prior to going so that you don’t end up spending a lot of time trying to decide on the main course once you arrive. 

Sky Garden London 

For both a fantastic meal and an unrivaled view, make sure to visit the Sky Garden.


You will experience what it is like to dine while overlooking the city and being surrounded by amazing architecture and some beautiful plant life.


Catering to all types of foodies (including vegetarians), there are a lot of dishes on the menu to consider. If you come for an evening meal, you will get to see the city lights while sipping a drink of your choice. 

Ozone Coffee - Shoreditch 

Located in Shoreditch, Ozone Coffee offers some of the best coffee in the area, as well as some fantastic food.


When you need a break from enjoying everything that Shoreditch has to offer, swing by Ozone Coffee for a great cup of joe and a filling meal.


Because it is a company that has its origins in New Zealand, you will get a slightly different experience by visiting Ozone.


Since its founding in 1998, Ozone Coffee has expanded to Europe. With the expansion comes new menu items and a new approach to products that you know well from other coffee shops.


They pride themselves on having outstanding hospitality, making it well worth a visit. 

Milk Bar SoHo

If you are staying in the SoHo area, or plan to stop in SoHo for some of the entertainment and shopping, swing by the Milk Bar for some great coffee, food, and atmosphere.


It is another café to visit for a little pick me up or to help you at the start of the day, enjoy the quiet of Milkbar.


Intentionally located in a location that is out of the way of the hustle and bustle of this high traffic area, it is the perfect place to escape for a while to enjoy some food and drink. 

Things to Do and Places to See

It does not matter what brings you to London – you must make time to enjoy some of the unique features, history, events, and facilities.


This is a city that has thousands of years of history, and yet is one of the most modern cities in the world. Everyone will find something to keep them interested and wanting to see more of this remarkable city. 

Most people know to visit Big Ben and some of the other historic sites, so we are going to cover a few things that you might be a little less familiar with. 


This store has earned a reputation across the world, and, if you love to shop, you cannot miss the opportunity to see just why it earned such a wonderful reputation.


Everything from the first-rate food hall to the name-brand items will help you enjoy your time at Harrods. 

While they are famous for their designer clothing (even for children), they have a lot more for you to browse.


If you would like something different to take home as a reminder of your time in London, you can find truffles, wines, and gifts to help you remember your visit for years into the future. 

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Brick Lane Shoreditch

If you love entertainments, you should take the time to visit Brick Lane. Located in Shoreditch, this area is a series of microcosms of many different cultures.


There are shops, markets, and cafes if you would like to get some more unique souvenirs They also have street art to give you something to enjoy as you stroll around the area.


Brick Lane was once considered the slums, with its largest role in history being the place where Jack the Ripper committed his heinous crimes.


The transition to an artistic, edgier location has turned the slums into a vibrant area that is a must-visit for anyone with time to explore the area. 

Be aware that the different shops keep their own schedules. For example, the Sunday Market is open from 10 to 5. Bars and restaurants keep very different times than the shops and cafes.


Even if you don’t have time to slip into the shops or other establishments, you can enjoy the art while walking from one section to the next. 

Borough Markets 

If you want a more traditional shopping experience, you can stroll through the Borough Markets, finding just about anything and everything.


It is almost certain that you can make time to visit this tourist area because it is located in the heart of the city. There are cookbooks and history books that cover many different aspects of this long-lived market. Yet there is nothing like actually stepping into the Borough Markets. 

What really makes the Borough Markets unique is its long history. Started in the year 1014 AD, it can give you a little bit of a feel for the long life of this market.


Just like when it was founded, you can find food and conversation while strolling through the Borough Markets. You could easily lose an entire day in trying to get an overview of everything there is on offer. 

Covent Gardens

For a completely different kind of market experience, stop by Covent Gardens.


Beyond the amazing food, drink, and shops, there are street performers and fashions that you won’t find anywhere else. You will find shops where you can get modern-day technology or modern toys for your children or grandchildren. 

If the Borough Markets are unique because of its extensive history, Covent Gardens is unique because of the combination of high fashion, modern foods, and live entertainment.


Some of the earliest street entertainments were the famous “Punch & Judy” performances, giving the market a long tradition for entertaining.


When you tire of shopping or simply want a different kind of experience, Covent Gardens is a great place to wander around and feel London’s unique blend of old and new. 

London Eye 

Though most people have heard of this attraction, it is well worth saying that this is one thing you should take the time to visit while you are in London.


From the top of the London Eye, you get a look at just how expansive the city is, helping you to get a better sense of its extensive history.


The Eye is a modern-day Ferris wheel with a bird’s eye view of London. Buy tickets before you go to save yourself time and a little bit of money. 

Liberty of London 

Another fantastic shopping experience can be found at Liberty of London.


Like Harrods, they have many luxury goods but there is something unique for everyone.


First opened in 1875, Liberty of London originally sold unique goods, such as art, fabrics, and ornaments from Japan, China. In less than two years, it became a huge success, and it expanded to include things like costumers

Originally founded by Arthur Lasenby Liberty, this long-established luxury shopping establishment is a must visit if you are in London.


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