11 Different Ways to Make Money While Traveling

by Daniel | Last Updated July 4th, 2019

The life of the digital nomad is one that’s growing in popularity among people across the globe.

As more and more people search for ways to see the world while making money, new, exciting opportunities seem to emerge.

Today, you can find an array of ways to make money while traveling from paid gigs to volunteering in exchange for room and board.

If you are ready to pack your suitcase and head out into the wild blue yonder, keep the following gigs in mind. These can help you pay your way from one exciting location to the next.


1. Teach Your Native Language to Others

You can find teaching opportunities all around the globe, and most times, you don’t even have to have a degree. All you need is to be a native teacher of the language you want to teach.

There are several online sites where you can begin teaching right away. You can also find schools from all over the world, such as Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and more searching for native speakers. Once you start applying, you may be surprised how fast you get a job and can start earning.

2. Get a Working Holiday Visa

Are you interested in working abroad, but don’t want to teach a language? If so, the working holiday visa program is something to consider.

This visa gives you an easy way to experience an all-new culture. You have the opportunity to earn money, travel to somewhere new, and save for your next adventure.

While it depends on your age and nationality, this program lets you live in a foreign country while working a nonprofessional job, such as bartending for a specific amount of time. The visa usually lasts between six to 24 months.

The biggest benefit is that you can stay in the country longer than if you visited with a typical tourist visa.

3. Sell Items Online

Today, you can buy and sell almost anything online. Use this to your benefit.

Why not sell items you have found on your trip? Just make sure you find smaller items so you can easily pack them away in your carry-on luggage.

Even better, why not do some crafts with the local artisans in the area? You can sell your handmade goods, which are always in high demand.

There are several websites where you can sell these items; just remember, if you are selling to another country, shipping charges can be high. This is why choosing smaller items (as mentioned above) is best.

If you want something more flexible, why not consider drop shipping? This doesn’t require you to keep anything on hand.

4. Sell Timeshares

Were you a natural bone salesperson? If so, consider heading to the Caribbean, Mexico, Thailand, Greece, or any other major resort area. Once there, you’ll find countless opportunities to start selling timeshares.

All the resorts in these locations want individuals who can relate to customers. This means they want Italians to sell to other Italians, Americans to sell to other Americans, etc. You’ll quickly discover the earning potential is pretty high in this line of work.

5. Sell Videos and Photos

There’s a good chance you are planning to document your travel anyway, so why not sell all the videos and photos you capture for money?

However, you need to heed one warning – the photos and videos you take from your smartphone won’t be as good as an actual camera. Consider this a one-time investment.

You can find more than a few resources available online to learn the basics of videography and photography. Once you have captured photos and video, there are many stock image websites online that will pay you for these.

Keep in mind, though, the competition is harsh. Unless you have great gear and learn how to capture the best shots, you will not get paid that much. As a result, there’s no point in putting too much effort into this unless you improve your photography abilities.

If you don’t have a great camera and don’t want to invest in one, you can use your GoPro. Just submit your best shots and videos to the Go Pro Awards.

It doesn’t matter if you are a total amateur or a professional. There’s also no end to this contest so you can keep in submitting.

6. Consider Online Freelance Work

If you have an interest or background in engineering, legal work consulting, marketing, writing, illustration, programming, web design, or admin work, there are websites out there where you can find great gigs. These platforms match freelancers with individuals and companies that need work done.

Even if you have a background in something else, take a look anyway. There is always freelance work available, and you can find it in countless fields.


7. Consider Publishing an Ebook

When it comes to making money while traveling, the real dream is to earn a passive income.

A passive income is when you don’t have to do anything but still receive money in your account each month. Sounds good, right?

One way for you to do this is by writing an eBook. While an eBook can be a great way to earn a passive income, you still have to put in work in the beginning – a lot of work. You can make it somewhat easier if you write about something you know well or even a fictional story.

You can maximize the likelihood that your new book will generate sales by creating an eBook on a unique or niche topic that’s not too competitive. After you have written and published your book, promote it, and gather some positive reviews.

Once this is done, you can sit back and relax. If the book is successful, you may start earning a good paycheck without having to do anything else.

8. Create Your Own Travel Blog

If you want to travel, why not blog about it? While you won’t start making money overnight with a travel blog, you can generate interest and slowly work your way up to a pretty good source of income.

Remember, though, there are already countless travel blogs out there, so you will have to do something unique and different to help your blog stand out. Just keep this in mind if this is your only idea for making money while traveling.


9. Fruit, Vegetable, and Flower Picking

Seasonal work has become popular for travelers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty –especially for those who plan to spend some time in Australia. Today, fruit gathering at farms is a widely known activity, and many farmers exclusively use travelers who are using a working holiday visa (mentioned above) to sustain their activity.

While money is the most common way to be paid for this work, it isn’t uncommon for some farmers to offer room and board to traveling workers, too. The pay varies from one location to another, and its completely up to you to negotiate your rates.

Just expect to do plenty of physical labor if you want higher pay.

10. Housesitting

What’s better than a free place to stay while you are traveling? While most house sitters aren’t paid with money, you can have a free place to stay.

Some travelers hop from one house-sitting gig to the next, avoiding having to pay accommodation fees for years. You can find gigs for a week, month, or even a year. There are several sites available online today where you can begin searching for house-sitting gigs in the country where you plan to travel.

11. Volunteer Work

Volunteering isn’t going to get you paid, by definition. However, you can still do more than just subsisting if you join several different social projects – the majority of these offer food and housing for the work you do.

If you have the goal to make money while you travel, it may not be the best option for you. However, a free place to sleep and eat are just as good as earning money, right?

What’s really great about volunteer work is that it not only offers you a great way to save money but also allows you to build a network.

You can visit Grassroot Volunteering to find volunteer opportunities in different countries.


Ways to Make Money While Traveling: Find the Option that Works for You

If you are searching for ways to make money while traveling, then the list here should help you get started. The truth is, there are more than a few ways to earn money and continue traveling the world. Sometimes all you need is a bit of creativity.

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