Seagate Backup Plus Portable 5TB hard drive review

by Daniel | Last Updated February 21st, 2020

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Are you looking for a portable hard drive to take with you as you journey the world? Maybe you've been looking for a while, or you just settled in to begin searching. Regardless of how far you are on your backup drive search, this guide is here to make it a bit easier for you. 


The Seagate 5TB is the latest model of the company's hard drives and boasts features that none of the previous versions have. Let's do a deep dive about the product, covering every detail so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing. 



  • An affordable price for the amount of storage

  • Cheap software bundle

  • Durable—withstands damage and impact

  • Quiet and doesn't overheat

  • Large data storage capacity—5 terabytes of storage




  • Flat USB cord

  • Mylio Create does not have worldwide capabilities

  • A bit on the heavy side

  • Does not come with a storage case



The Seagate 5tb Portable Hard Drive comes in at about 2.5 inches wide, 4.5 inches long, and 0.75 inches thick. At these dimensions, the product can fit into the average pocket, though it will look a bit bulky. 


You might say the 5TB Plus resembles a cassette player in terms of design, though it is smaller in dimensions. The shape of the disk is a standard rectangle. Customers can choose between either rounded or sharp edges.


The material that makes up the disk is a mixture of matte plastic and an aluminum plate with a brushed color. You can choose from four colors for the front: matte black, light blue, burgundy red, and gold. The accents on the drive come in standard black or silver.


The Seagate portable drive has a minimalist design. The Seagate logo, an intricate swirl, is on the top right. Every disk comes with a status light in the top left corner. The white LED light will flash white while the product is in use or attached to the computer. 


Every drive comes with a flat USB cord that is 46cm long. The USB cable is a matte black, no matter which of the colors you choose to purchase.


Here is how the Seagate Backup Plus Portable performed in benchmark testing:

  • CrystalDiskMark: 146MBps (read) and 130MBps (write)

  • Atto: 131MBps (read, 256mb) and 139MBps (write, 256mb)


Unlike its competition and previous models, the Seagate Plus 2019 offers an upgraded data storage experience with the Mylio Create software. 


The program is a cloud-free photo management service. Seagate offers the unique Mylio Create program to users for free for the first year with the purchase of the backup disk. With a storage capacity of 50,000 photos, and the ability to connect four computers (plus unlimited mobile devices), the photo storage software is what sets this product apart from its competition.


The company also offers a two-month subscription to the Abode Creative Cloud with every purchase as long as you register your product. The portable drive, unlike its previous iterations, does not require a specific application to work on your computer. 


Though newly redesigned and upgraded to include the Mylio Create software, the 5TB uses the same disk as the 2016 model. The 2019 version has a five platter design, with the capacity of each platter maxing at 1TB. The cache is 128 MB while the spindle speed is 5,400 RPM. Every product purchased comes with a two-year warranty. 


During testing, the Seagate 5TB performed slightly above average. The read speeds were between 131 and 146 Mbps while the write speeds ranged between 130 and 139 Mbps. 


One thing to note is that the device works better on Windows than on Mac, though both computer hardware can support the backup plus. You will need to reformat the 5TB for it to work with Time Machine.


The Seagate Portable 5TB has the most capacity among its competition in its sleek 2.5-inch frame. The size of the product makes it convenient for travel while still allowing you enough data storage capacity to complete work. The software must be either Windows 7, or higher, or Mac OS 10.11 and higher to use the product on your computer. 


Customers can customize their backup plans and what they decide to store. The portable disk also comes with auto-sync features that allow users to save as they are working. 


Unfortunately, the drive does not come with hardware encryption, though the software encryption included keeps your photos and data protected. 

Why It's Perfect for Travel

There are a lot of portable hard drives available on the market currently. Many boast faster download times or more capacity than their competition. A lot of products market specifically towards those who live their lives on planes, in cars, and on trains. The 2019 Plus Seagate 5TB model is frank and honest with the services it offers. 


The design is compact, making it convenient for traveling. The 5TB is the current maximum of portable capacity, and the Mylio Create software gives you extra space to store and sort through photos. 


The two-month trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud gives budding travel content creators a leg up above their competition. Plus, the auto-sync feature means that you don't have to worry about whether or not you remembered to save something to your drive. 


The Seagate 5TB also boasts a quiet drive, which makes it excellent if you plan on working while on the plane. The drive won't be overly loud and disturb other passengers.


If you are a leisure traveler, go aboard for work, or have a career country hopping, the Seagate 5TB could be the hard drive for you. The price of the storage unit is fair compared to the number of terabytes that you receive.


Hopefully, this guide helped you to learn as much about the product as possible. The Backup Plus 5TB is a revamped version of the 2016 model, available for a slightly higher price. The cost goes to the Mylio Create space as well as the new design. 


If you are a traveler who takes a lot of photos, works abroad, or is extra cautious about losing data, the Seagate 5TB is the way to go. The device is tiny enough to fit into your carry on but not so inconspicuous that you'll lose it.  


Check prices for this product today or learn more about other portable hard drives by checking out the rest of our reviews!


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