Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro Review

by Daniel | Last Updated February 26th, 2020

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Following on from the My Passport Wireless comes the My Passport Wireless Pro, boasting a set of new features to improve upon its predecessor. The latest model of portable external drives from Western Digital enhances much of the design features from earlier iterations while retaining the characteristics that made the My Passport series so efficient the first time around.



  • Wireless, SD, and USB capabilities

  • Extensive storage options of 2TB or 3TB

  • Long-lasting battery life




  • The high price point for non-professional users


Designed with photographers and videographers firmly in mind, the Passport Wireless Pro aims to streamline your entire professional process by allowing you to store photo and video footage quickly and easily. The external hard drive is compact without sacrificing any internal storage.


Weighing in at 450g, the My Passport Wireless Pro is roughly the same weight of an average football, although its compact dimensions make it much smaller at measurements of 125 x 125 x 22mm. Put simply, the latest model from WD is far from cumbersome and compact in its design.


The SD card slot is on the same side as the power button, alongside a USB 3.0 connector and a USB 2.0 host port.


The wireless aspect of the Passport Pro is one of its top-selling points, given it opens it up for compatibility with tablets, laptops, phones, and digital cameras alike.


Here is how the Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro performed in benchmark testing:

  • CrystalDiskMark: 112MBps (read) and 111.6MBps (write)


The highly efficient wireless features or the enormous storage space don't zap up the battery life of the device. When tested, the Passport Pro could stream a 720p video over wi-fi for 10 hours before it needed a break.


Of course, battery life varies depending on usage, size of the file, wi-fi connectivity, and the file format you're streaming. However, 10 hours of continuous footage is no mean feat.


The Passport Pro will work seamlessly with mobile phones and SD cards alike, so however you're capturing your footage, you know you have the security and reliability you need to protect professional files.


An 802.11ac wi-fi module powers the My Passport Pro, allowing for quick wireless sharing of images and video and smooth streaming for footage playback. If you're into more conventional methods of file transfer, the Pro also comes equipped with a card reader. The reader lets you transfer files quickly and easily from SD cards.


When transferring files from SD card to the Passport Pro, hold down the SD button, and lights atop the Pro will inform you how far along the transferal process your files are. It's a simple but effective way to keep things moving and removes the possibility of extracting the SD card prematurely and potentially losing data.


Not only is it simple to use, but it's also powerful. The Wireless Passport Pro enables you to stream up to eight HD videos simultaneously, so you don't have to worry about systematic trawling through multiple files slowing your workflow. The Pro also gives you the freedom to review multiple files at once, so you can compare and contrast your footage easily.


If you connect your Passport Pro to a tablet or laptop wirelessly, you can edit the images and videos you've stored on the device without having to link up to any clunky or cumbersome tech. Move the footage from the camera to the Passport Pro and open it up with your editing software to get to work. It couldn't be simpler.


The Passport Pro also features full compatibility with both PC and Mac straight out of the box, so you don't have to worry about painstakingly downloading any third-party software to get your devices to play together. The formatting of the Passport Pro is entirely in exFAT, meaning there's no need to panic about the storage of your files and the impact of their accessibility should you choose to change the software.


The WD Pro isn't short on space, either. There are currently two sizes available: the 2TB or the 3TB. The best option depends on how much space you'll require. Just to put that into some perspective, 3TB of storage is capable of holding up to 120 HD movies, and you could fit an estimated 310,000 photos into just one TB. What we're saying is: it's a lot of space.


It also doubles as a formidable 6400 mAh power bank for your phone or tablet via the USB 2.0 port. You can use the drive to charge any compatible USB device, which can prove tremendously handy when working out in the field with a limited power supply.

Why It's Convenient for Travel

When working in the field, the last thing you want complicating your job is excessive wires and gear. A Passport Wireless Pro minimizes the amount of tech you've got to bring with you by providing a compact storage system that you can easily access.


The light design of the Passport Pro also makes it ideal for travel and movement between shoot locations. With its compact dimensions, the device can fit easily into a backpack for shorter journeys or into your luggage for flights without taking up valuable space or weighing you down.


While most of the features of the Passport Pro accommodate the lifestyle of the professional photographer or videographer, if you don't fall into that category, don't let that dissuade you. The compact design, compatibility across multiple devices, and secure storage of vast amounts of data can be useful for a professional who needs to access essential files on the go.


The sheer amount of storage on the Passport Pro also can be an excellent way to store movies, video games, or family photos en masse for frequent travelers. The only factor you may have to reckon with if you aren't a professional is the price point, which is slightly higher than some of its more casual competitors.


Overall, the My Passport Wireless Pro is a powerful piece of equipment that can prove invaluable in the right hands. Built with powerful wi-fi capabilities, as well as classic USB and SD options, lightweight design, and enormous space for your files, it's difficult not to see the benefits.


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