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by Daniel | Last Updated March 26th, 2020

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When you visit other countries one thing that you will need is the best travel adapter available for that trip, something that many first time travelers don’t realize they need until they arrive at their destination.


Even if you are only traveling to another country on the same continent, it's best to check and see if you will need a travel adapter, because if you don’t have one, you may not be able to charge any of your electronic devices. 

A good travel adapter includes several different types of outlet plugins including USB ports, based on the continent where you are going.


To ensure that your smartphone wall charger is compatible with the outlets where you are traveling too, taking the right travel adapter can keep you from having issues with your devices running out of power.


If you have several different devices such as a laptop, mobile phone, and tablet, you can even get a couple of different universal travel adapters so that you can charge everything each night. With the kind of battery life most devices have, this would likely be a very good idea. 

There are also a few universal adapters for specific devices, such as laptops. Since these devices may need to charge for longer periods of time, a universal travel adapter is incredibly useful. Since laptop cables have different prongs than most other electronic devices, this can make it easy to charge devices for work or research while you are traveling.


Some of these travel adapters also commonly come with USB ports, so you can charge several devices from it instead of having to carry several adapters. For travel bloggers and people who travel with laptops for work, travel adapters are essential because you will need to make sure your computer has enough charge to make it through each day.

If you are traveling abroad, here are some of the best travel adapters. 


International Travel Adapter

Best Travel Adapter Reviews Comparison Chart

Travel Adapter

for Cruise Ship

Pac2Go Travel Adapter with four USB ports

Look at the best Travel Adapter brands comparison table to compare different sizes and weight. I will provide you with more information that will help you in our Buyer’s Guide and reviews later.

1. JOOMFEEN Worldwide
Best Travel Adapter Reviews

This handy little universal adapter is good for just about anywhere you choose to travel. All of the prongs are built right into the device itself, making this a particularly handy little travel plug. This means when you travel to one of more than 150 countries, you will have what you need to make sure you can take pictures, send updates, and make calls as needed. 

This great little device is built so that you can plug into nearly any laptop and have your laptop fully charged overnight. Given the fact that some laptops have three prongs, you may not be able to use the more traditional devices to charge it. The JOOMFEEN has the outlet for three-pronged charging.

Nor do you have to sacrifice your ability to charge other devices. There are two USB ports on the side of the device. Most smartphones and tablets have cords that allow you to charge them through USB ports, giving you a way to charge three devices at one time. Of course, if you have more than three devices you should be able to charge through your laptop too. 

The adaptor was designed to keep from overloading the outlet, so you will not create an electrical problem by charging multiple devices all at once. The built-in fuse protector and a surge protector ensure that you don’t have this problem and that your devices are not damaged if there are other types of power issues. You can also tell whether your devices are charging by looking at the LED power indicator. 

Works in more than 150 Countries

Has dual USB ports 

12 month warranty 

Quality not as good as more expensive brands 

2. Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit

Finding the best universal travel adapter can be difficult because you may not be entirely sure exactly what you will need, especially if you are traveling to several different countries. If you don’t want to have to carry several different universal adapters, this is the best adapter for you. With two separate outlets for pronged devices, such as laptops, and two USB ports, you can charge the majority of your electronic devices with just one outlet. It comes with six different adapter pieces so that you can use it in nearly any continent and have the right connector. 


The travel adapter comes with a list of the right type to use in which country or continent. For example, Japan and the Philippines use the same type of outlet, so you can use Type A if you travel to either of those countries. Europe has a largely standardized outlet and power to its outlets, but there are a few countries that do things a little differently, such as Germany, Russian, Italy, and Switzerland. The guide will make sure you use the right outlet so that you don’t short the power in the location where you are staying.

The built-in surge protector ensures that you don’t have to worry about someone else harming your devices by bringing and using the wrong travel plug adapter. 

With its small, compact design, you will be able to store this little device without having to worry about it taking up too much space in your luggage. However, the plug will not work with bathroom devices, such as curling irons, hair driers, and electric toothbrushes. It is the perfect tool for all of your other electronic devices. 

2 Years Limited Warranty

Surge protection

2 USB ports

Somewhat bulky when compared to other travel plug adapters

3. Travel Adapter JMFONE

For a very unique and convenient travel adapter, the JMFONE makes it very easy to ensure that you don’t lose any components that come with the device. Instead of adding the right component for your location, you simply press the button on the side to eject the prongs. Make sure to lock the prongs in place, and you can then start using it without pieces becoming loose or causing you trouble when you try to plug it in. The only trouble you may have is if you choose the wrong prong configuration. The JMFONE plug is good for use in 160 different countries, and it is a fantastic tool for traveling. 


The manufacturer has also made the most out of the full adapter. One side holds the prongs, and another the buttons to extend the prongs. On the opposite side is an outlet for charging three-pronged devices, such as laptops. On another side are four USB slots. This means that you can charge up to five devices at one time, saving you from having to bring several adapters to cover all of your different electronic devices. 

It comes in a neon green color, so you are unlikely to forget to retrieve this handy little tool before leaving your lodging. The eye-catching color acts as a reminder to unplug it before you go. However, this plug is not for devices that require more energy, such as curlers and hair driers. If you need to travel with those appliances, you will need a different universal travel adapter in addition to it. However, this adapter is perfect for all of the most common travel items that you will use over the course of the day, making it easy to take with you when you go out, too. 

Has 4 USB slots for charging

Works in over 160 Countries 

Lifetime guarantee

Could be better quality

4. Skross Pro-World

An incredibly compact travel adapter, the Skross Pro-World makes it easy to have the correct plug you need when you travel to another country or continent. Unlike a traditional adapter, this one has all of the necessary prongs built into the device. The four buttons on the side extend and retract the prongs so that you can use the right set for your current location. 

On top of the device is a place to charge large cords, such as laptops. This makes it easy to access the outlet from nearly any angle. It also comes with a USB charging module that lets you charge other devices that can be powered up with a USB cable. This means you can charge several electronic devices at one time, saving you time as you wait. 

The Skross Pro-World is very compact, so that it will not take up much space in your luggage, but is large enough to find if you store it in a front pocket or side pocket.

It is also very solidly built so that you won’t have to worry about there being problems with it a few years after the purchase. You may want to purchase two of these for your trips abroad so that you can charge several devices at once. Since it isn’t large, carrying two of these adapters won’t be any different than having one of the larger adapters, with the added benefit of being able to plug them into a couple of different outlets so that you don’t overcrowd one area of your room with devices. 

Good quality product

USB port for charging

Nice design 

Could benefit from having more USB ports

5. Upgraded DOACE C11 2000W Voltage Converter

With the growth of new technological devices, the vast majority of the best travel adapters are designed to let you charge tech devices, instead of the appliances that originally required the use of an adapter. Appliances like hair dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners were originally the kinds of tools that would require a power adapter as they were the items that you would take on a trip that would require charging before the turn of the century. These appliances also require a lot more voltage to charge, something that many of the newer travel adapters do not address. The Upgraded DOACE lets you charge all of your devices, including appliances for your hair. 

This power adapter converter has two slots for charging normal devices; one for three-pronged cords (such as laptops) and one for two-pronged cords, such as hair dryers. Included on the face of the device is also a pair of USB ports, so you can charge items like smartphones and tablets at the same time you charge your laptop.

As a general rule, it is probably best not to be charging these items while using devices for your hair as the adapter will be moving as you move the appliance to reach different parts of your hair. 

Since it works with some much more demanding electric devices, the Upgraded DOACE C11 2000W Voltage Converter has a number of built-in safety features, such as a surge protector, over-heating, over-current, over-voltage, overload, and short-circuit protection. It works with dual voltage devices, so you should verify that your device is a dual voltage device before using this particular plug adapter. 

Voltage adapter converter

Lifetime Guarantee

Dual USB ports

Slightly more expensive than other plug adapters 

6. Foval Power Step Down

This handy little device goes above and beyond what most travel adapters have to offer. Roughly the size of an American passport, this plug takes into account all of the kinds of outlets you are likely to find when traveling abroad. With many outlets being hidden behind furniture or in hard to reach places, many power adapters require contorting your body into interesting positions to plug devices into the plug adapter.

The Foval Power Step recognizes this and provides an extension cord that plugs into the wall with the adaptor on the end of it. The device for plugging in the devices is at the other end, making it easy to set up your charging station wherever there is enough surface area. 

This universal travel adapter gives you two traditional outlets to plug larger devices into so you can keep your laptops or other tech devices running while they are charging. The four USB ports ensure that you don’t have to prioritize which devices you can charge because you have six slots available once you plug it into the wall outlet. 

There are three charging components, giving you a way to plug into outlets in more than 150 countries around the world. Fans inside this compact little device helps to keep it from overheating. In the event that it does get a little too hot, the surge protection and over-heating short circuit will kick in to shut it off. This keeps your devices safe from damage if you are in a location that cannot handle charging so many devices at the same time; they also protect you from potential problems caused by other travelers who do not have the appropriate equipment in your hotel or lodgings.

Voltage converter

24 months warranty

Works in over 150 Countries

Slightly noisy when in use

7. USB Charging Wall Plug

While most travel adapters try to give you options about what you can charge, the fast charge is designed to give you the charge you probably want the most – a quick charge to your electronic devices. You won’t be able to plug your laptop or hair products into it, but an increasing number of travelers do not need these devices when they travel. What they really want is a wall charger that will get their device up and running, and that is exactly what this little adapter does. 

Every smartphone and mobile device has a maximum rate at which it can charge. This adapter works with the device to help it charge as fast as possible, making it the perfect adapter when you go to a conference out of the country and need to charge your device quickly. 

The adapter does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge. However, it works with all of the most common smart devices to automatically detect the charge that will make for the quickest charge. When you don’t have much time to charge, this is the perfect little device while you are on the go. It has both 100v and 240v inputs. The prongs are built into the device so that you don’t have to keep up with any additional components.

The device only works with the majority of European outlets, so it will not work if you head to Asia or other eastern nations. Fortunately, you can easily find the chargers you need in Asia for the devices you need at relatively cheap prices. 

It comes with the Syncwire’s MultiProtect safety system, so you will be able to charge your electronics without worrying about overloading any systems.

Portable size perfect for travel

Lifetime warranty.

Reasonably priced

Doesn't support Qualcomm Quick Charge

8. Ceptics Adapter Plug Set 

Often when you look at all of the different adapters you will notice that they mainly focus on the countries where most people go, the countries that are very tourist-driven. This little bag of adapters gives you a few more adapters that will let you go to places that may be a little less visited. You get a little guide to help you know which one of the adapters you need where you are going. There is even a color-coded map to help you know which plug to use for each of your destinations. All of the adapters are grounded so that you don’t need to worry about having problems with the power while your devices are plugged in. 

All of these little plugs come in a handy bag so that you can keep them all together, which is particularly helpful if you are traveling to several different countries in one trip. They are just big enough to plug a single device into an outlet. 

While this means that you won’t be able to charge more than one device at a time, if you are in a hurry, you won’t have to worry about finding a larger adapter or possibly losing it. These little adapters are perfect for shortstops, such as airports or cafes where you may need to charge your device for shorter periods of time. They also let you go to countries that are less often visited and still be able to charge your electronic devices. 

Lifetime warranty

Very well priced

Good quality product

Does not work with plugs from South Africa.

9. Travel Smart by Conair All-in-One 

Traveling smart can be difficult when you are traveling with a lot of different electronic devices. The Travel Smart by Conair gives you the kind of adapter you need for nearly any device, including appliances like hair driers and flat irons. It has three outlets, so you can use or charge three different devices at a time, including a USB port.

Made of a harder material, it is sturdy for traveling longer distances for longer periods of time. It works in most European nations, including the UK, Italy, and Spain, which use different outlets types than most of the rest of Europe. It also can adapt your devices for use in most of China. If you need to travel with many different devices that may not be compatible or be supported by another adapter, you can use the Travel Smart by Conair to make sure you have everything covered.


Though you don’t need a second adapter, if you would like to have one for the bedroom and one near the restroom so that you can take care of your hair, this handy little adapter is durable enough to withstand a little more punishment than most adapters.

Also, if you are on a tight schedule but need to style your hair, you won’t have to sacrifice charging your smartphone. Simply plug in your curling iron, hairdryer, or flat iron in the main area. Then you can plug your smartphone into the USB port and set an alarm so that you won’t be late. It is also great for plugging in devices at night and being able to easily find them the next morning. Given its appearance, it is also less likely you will forget this adapter when you leave for the next destination. 

separate plugs for charging 

USB port for charging

Relatively compact design

Would benefit from more USB ports

10. Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

For the dedicated Mac person, this is the perfect adapter kit for traveling both abroad and at home. Of course, the primary focus is on giving you the adaptability you need when you travel out of the country, but sometimes it is nice to have an adapter that you can use at home too. With seven different AC plugs designed to work in many different nations and areas, you won’t need to worry about whether you will be able to charge all of your Apple products. It is guaranteed to work in all of the following locations (with a few exceptions for nations that do not use any of the same standards as neighboring countries):

  • North America

  • Japan

  • Korea

  • China

  • Hong Kong

  • Australia

  • The UK

  • Continental Europe

With so many different Apple products to choose from, worrying about whether you will be able to charge all of them will not be a problem. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, or other smart devices, you have the necessary tools to keep all of them charged. This is true even in many of the airports around the world. Since you are very likely to need to charge your devices while waiting for takeoff or waiting during a layover, being able to charge your devices can be incredibly important. Nor do you want to use your portable chargers quite yet. This handy little kit makes sure you have the necessary adapter wherever you are in the world. 

You will need the adapter as well. This kit includes just the plugs, so make sure you have an adapter on hand. 

Good quality Apple product

Great looking design

Reasonable price for an Apple product

Not as compact as an all in one charger


Bonaker Travel Adapter with 4 USB Charging Ports


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